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"For I will play a rhapsody Cleverly disguise it, so it's not been heard before"

A wonderful song by Burton Cummings ... his albums used to play in my house growing up in Michigan ... I never really knew him as the lead singer of The Guess Who until I was much older ... I had this song stuck in my head a couple weeks ago when the inspiration for "A Rhapsody in Blue" hit me ... I'm sure somewhere in my subconscious the term "Rhapsody in Blue" lay in wait as it is a 1924 musical composition by American composer George Gershwin ... not sure I've ever heard though out of respect I will be going back and listening to it soon ... It's funny how inspiration comes, couple weeks ago I was singing this song to myself from Mr. Cummings when I saw a facebook post from a friend of mine state that one of my favorite actors will narrate a film his production company is scoring ... the film is about fallen officers ... I don't wish to name names cause I am in no way associated with it other than inspiring me to write a song about the subject. As many of you know I spent several years under the thumb of the law and in this time I got to know many officers ... typically someone in that position might look at them as the enemy but that was never the case with me ... in fact the great majority of them were very good to me and though I was young I quickly learned that you got back the respect you gave. It's been many years since that time and I still have nothing but respect for law enforcement ... I've personally seen the crap they deal with and the patience it takes ... I live in Santa Cruz Ca. and in 2013 we Lost 2 officers to senseless violence ... you can hear their last call at the end of this song ... I wrote it cause I felt it and music is how I express those feelings and it's my way of saying thank you to those that risk and forfeit their lives everyday to keep us all safe and to the families of the fallen cause it's not just the officers that sacrifice. I can't lay claim to knowing how it feels or even put myself in their shoes ... I can however empathize and make a statement which is what this song is ... if you commit crime there's no reason to expect the law not to stop you ... and no reason officers should not be respected for doing their duty as a soldier of war would. It's not a perfect world and not all officers are perfect either ... but the vast majority are there to serve and protect ... YOU and ME whether we deserve it or not.

Come along for The Ride ...

So after my last blog post about re-recording my first 4-track cassette album Infinity from 1996 I pulled out the ole laptop and my sorta crappy Ibanez Gio guitar and semi functioning Korg Toneworks pedal along with a nore recent edition of a fender G-DEC3 amp ... I began working on A ship called Despair the first song from that album and found it very tedious coming back into recording after 3 years while trying to create a pre-existing song albeit crappy sounding ... so I switched gears a bit and decided to refamiliarize myself with the two programs I use "Magix" and "Audacity" while writing new material for the metal album "Closet full of Bones" ... My first attempt was "Paradise" which is a cool tune but didn't really turn out with the punch I had hoped for ... however I did get my feet wet again and actually learned some new tricks ... while doing Paradise I came up with a Rhythm I really dug and in the past week I've written and recorded "The Ride" and it's been one of the most inspiring songs I've ever recorded ... for me at least ... I just finished the final mix on it and it's running through my auto mastering program ... but it has been a FUN ride, even with the frustrations I've experienced I'm very very happy how it has turned out and I hope you all love it as much as I do ... Metal and hard rock has never been my writing forte but I LOVE listening to it and have always wanted to make my own ... This song is a Tip of the Hat to some of my favorite artist who have inspired me through the years and finishing this album has become my new obsession ... The Ride is track 6 ... 7 is not enough and I don't care much for even numbers so 9 is my new friend and I have 3 more songs to write ... I hope you Listen and I hope it inspires you someway, somehow ~ Much Love ~ \m/, M.S.H.

To Infinity and Beyond ...

You may have noticed I've been away awhile. 3 years in fact. To be honest I didn't think I'd be returning to music ... I've had sort of a love/hate relationship with it for awhile ... many have not understood how this could be possible but Music has been my whole existence my entire life. Most don't know that I got locked up in prison back in 1991 for 7 years and unfortunately it left some very bad scars on my psyche ... a case of wrong place, wrong time and definitely the wrong friend ... I not only became a sudden witness to murder but was forced to assist after the fact. I was 18 and having never been in trouble before I was ill-prepared to deal with any of it. The Law being what it is did not see things in my favor and eventually I was sentenced to 15 to Life ... most of you don't know this cause it's not a fun story to tell ... I am telling it now because I'm tired of it haunting me ... exhausted in fact. I've tried very hard not to let it dictate my existence as it was never and is not who I am ... I was lucky enough to escape that place through appeal and thought I would be able to just let it go and be thankful I got out but the trauma has never really healed and has left me in my own personal hell of depression which makes me retreat within myself and not allow anyone in. I rarely leave my home, have been unemployed for several years and the guilt I have felt over what happened ... regardless of the fact that I was thrown into it against my will ... has eaten at my soul so much that somehow after all was said and done I built my own cell around myself and threw away the key. Then there's the Music ... My first 4 albums were written in a prison cell. "Infinity", "Severance", "Second Coming" and "The Circle" were originally recorded on cassette in a very bad place and time in my life ... and were the only thing that got me through it. You can hear much of what I was feeling at the time in songs like "Something Deep Inside" ... "When I think of all the years that pass me ... well I can't help it if it don't feel good" ... this experience has made music that I simply cannot separate myself from ... and it has continued to influence my writing to this day ... still seeking forgiveness from myself. Each time I hear the songs I am transported back ... sometimes re-living it. Even the most recent songs such as "Only time can tell" deal with myself trying to pull myself back into the world ... to "Join the Human Race" again ... I'm not sure how you all will respond to this knowledge but as friends, fans and followers you do have a right to know I think ... if for no other reason than to understand the Music. I am proud of these creations regardless of anything ... I am currently in the process of re-recording my first album "Infinity" from 1996-97 ... I don't wish to hide my past anymore ... I wish to overcome it ... and somehow join the world again. I hope you will continue on the journey with me.

Timeless ~ New Studio Release

The past year has found me going in several directions musically ... aside from finishing and releasing "Ghost's & Shadows" I've also been working closely with producer and now friend Martin Olander at MJO Productions of which I'm proud to say I am now a part of it's very talented crew of songwriters and musicians writing and producing music for films and television. Timeless is a collection of 8 songs ... 4 of my older songs & 4 of my newest for the first time recorded in a actual studio. It was an exceptional learning experience for me operating in a completely different environment and I am extremely thankful for that. Also I'm very thankful for the drumming and production skills of Martin and some excellent bass work by Tom Gates. Music is a gift ... I learn this more everyday ... hearing my music as it should be heard ... the way I hear it in my mind is a gift to me and from me to you ... the first song I'll be loading up is "Whole" and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ... thank you so much for listening \m/, ~ M.S.H.

Ghost's & Shadows Unleashed

With Remixed & Mastered Tracks ... I'm happy to announces that Ghost's and Shadows ... My newest Album is available for sale in my Reverbnation store as both an mp3 album and a Physical CD. 10 Brand new songs written this year and a true listening experience for any music lover. As of 1:30 pm PST 9/1/13 ... the album is being processed into my store here at reverbnation and should be available to purchase within the next 4 hours ... get YOUR copy today!


Recently I was asked if I'd finally joined a band ... my first thought was "what do you mean finally?" So for those who don't know ... No I have not joined a band, I've never been in a band ... not because I don't want to be or have something against it. I'm so very used to doing everything myself, it has actually become part of who I am over the years. A solo artist but not due to attitude, mainly cause I've never met anyone who shared my "Musical vision" so to say ... to form a group of people all dedicated to what I do is in my mind, perhaps a bit much to ask and there's never been an offer to the contrary. I don't hang out much, have never performed live (though I would love to if given the right opportunity). In the past 2 years I've been rebuilding my life from the ground up after several years of burying myself and began writing music again only a year and a half ago and presenting it to the online community ... I'm just now coming into my own once again and feel good about where the music is headed. If you've been with me from the start, you know there is much much more music than I have posted here on reverb ... what is posted here now are songs from my 11th and 12th albums ("Ghost & Shadows" which is written and being recorded) and ("Closet full of Bones" which is being written at the moment) I have pulled down the old music for good reason ... namely because the recordings do not stand up well against the new ones (a difference of 4-track cassette and digital programs) ... my skills at production grow with each day and I'm planning on revisiting albums 1-10 in the near future. For now, I'm happy to be writing again and very thankful to all of you who are listening, I don't know what the future holds for me in this industry which seems to need me to be successful before I can succeed but you can bet your ass I'll still be making music regardless ... as for a band? ... well, I'm easy to get along with and not egotistical ... but I write my own music and I have my own style ... I don't expect anyone else to be a part of it unless they are as dedicated to it as I am and that's just simple truth.

The Artist Perspective & A Closet full of Bones

Some of you may notice I don't say very much, seems I'm a man of few words and many lyrics ... I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a reclusive artist, I spend a lot of time in a small room at my computer, most of that time is spent working with music in one form or another. The Silent Observer of a world gone mad around him. Recently I've tried to be a bit more social, joining twitter was a large learning experience ... perhaps a little too much input. It all revolves around music for me, it's been the air I breathe since I was 5 years old and is the skin that I live in to this day. Was never my intention to be "known" but you the listener have given me a new perspective and knowing that my music is being heard and enjoyed has made me enjoy it in a whole new way ... for this I thank you. I'm currently in this little room still, working on a new album called "Closet full of Bones" ... A Squire Strat, Toneworks effects pedal, cheap Mic and an old compaq laptop I repaired are my tools along with a free online studio program called audacity ... I'm learning the production side of things and using what I have to create music ... this is what I do. I'm going to post 2 vids here to show you exactly what I'm working on atm ... a raw mix lyric vid of the Title Song "Closet full of bones" which I'm presently re-tracking as well as a little "making of" vid that's probably too long to comfortably watch ... but I just wanted to give you all a little peek inside, let you know that I deeply appreciate you out there spending a little time in my universe.

The Art of making Music

There are moments in time that happen ... but you have to present to be a part of them ... they are special moments alone in the middle of the night when it all just comes together in the universe just You the Music and God ... all becoming one in a moment of creation and it's a beautiful thing

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Greetings from Hennessey

Good Morning Fans and Friends ... would like to welcome all new followers and thank you all so much for listening and supporting my music.

Welcome to my world ... Wont you please come in?

Hey everyone ... first blog entry so just wanting to introduce myself and my music. I am Michael, this is my Page and I truely appreciate you taking the time to listen and support. Be looking for me cause I'm not going away till I achieve my dream of making a living from my art and bringing great music to everyones ears. To all my fans and followers I send love and peace to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart