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"Misery, Poverty and War" Free Download

Misery, Poverty and War is now available as a free download. Just click the download button and the song is yours. Thank you for your continued support x

New tracks uploaded

The tracks for the soon to be released EP are now back from the studio and we have uploaded two tracks for you to listen to. "Working Mans Blues" and "Goodness Me". We hope you enjoy them and all feed back greatly appreciated. All the best to you all x

Recording update

Recording now finished on 5 new tracks soon to be released on our 1st EP early to mid February. The plan was to record four tracks but it went so well we recorded five. The EP will contain the five new tracks plus "Misery, Poverty and War". Thank you for your continued support x

Recording Dates announced.

The band are in the studio 24 & 25th January to record four more tracks for an EP for release early February.

No 1 in the RN Rankings

Just a big shout out of thanks to all who have connected with us and are liking what we are doing. We are number 1 in the rankings as a result of the big increase in fans, likes, plays etc since we uploaded new song "Misery, Poverty and War".

We are going in the studio this week to do a radio edit of the song as we have had a few requests from radio stations liking the song but in its current form is too long for radio play at 6:53 so the radio edit will be approx 3:49.

We are in the studio again later this month to record another 4 tracks and will be releasing our 1st EP early Febuary.

A big thanks to you all for your continued support x

New song download

New song "Misery, Poverty and War" is now available for download. http://www.pklleisure.co.uk/chrisdandtbm/misery-poverty-war.htm

Recording finished, new gig announced.

Recording is now finished on new song "Misery, Poverty and War". Chris D and John have been back in the studio today and have finished the guitar and vocal tracks. Final mix and Mastering should be finished in the next few days.

The band also announce they will be playing at the Austerity Free Festival 17th - 18th May 2013. More details to follow.

Recording session update

The band are buzzing after two succesful gigs this Friday and Saturday and in the studio this morning to work on new song "Misery, Poverty and War".

Everyone whos heard this song really like it and was talked about at both gigs. At Saturdays gig it went down so well it attracted quite a crowd on the dance floor. Its differant than what they have done before, its best described as a power ballard and its severn minutes long.

Recording in the studio has gone very well. Final recordings of drums, bass and keyboards have been done today with quick guitar and vocal takes. The band are back in the studio next week to finish recording the guitar and vocals.

Rehearsals continue as the band build up their set. They have 35 minutes at the moment so if anybody wants a band to fill half hour slot let them know.

The band would also like to thank those who have been listening to their music and fanning them as week by week the numbers continue to grow.

All the best to you in what ever it is you do.

Next gig announced - Sat 8th December

The bands first gig with the new line up went so well at last night they have been invited back to do another gig tonight, great stuff.

Recording dates booked

The band are in the studio Monday 10th December to start work on recording a new song with the new line up. Chris D has written this for the new line up and will see him on keyboards for the 1st time and some amazing lead guitar from John. The new song is described by the band as a power ballard and will be recorded over two sessions. The first session will see Drums, bass and keyboards recorded and the second session will see lead guitar and vocals added.