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2 Years

Its been almost 2 years since Ive released anything new, I take pride in my work. I don't fabricate punchlines from comedians and pollute my music with worthless hooks and joke, Music from my soul takes time create... but I promise, I have new music on the way very soon.

My Style

Its hard to place my music into a genre, for what is done so much in rock with the self-loathing or deeper sentiminetal type songs with artist like (Staind, Nirvana) its rare for a rapper to do the same.. I try and make simple bass and treble songs with catchy hooks for a wider audience, but songs like Broken Man are more what you are going to get from me..... cause that is whats in my heart. Thats My Style.

Time Consumed

I have been making music for a very long time, I put my "dreams" on hold for 4 years (Marine Corps Enlistment). Its always been on the back-burner through all the training evolutions and back to back deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, as of right now I am still in the Camp Lejeune/Jacksonville NC area, but I am moving back to Texas very soon.