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Lelia taking time off.

Thank you to all who have us in your thoughts and prayers. Lelia is cutting her shows and only doing a song now and then. Some have not liked the idea that she sings for charity 45 mins. once a month so they cut her disability for her life insurance. It was very hard for her to do any shows with me including singing one or two songs. For those that don't know she has 3 diagnosed conditions that she can somedays barely get around. She still keeps a smile on her face and has said how much she misses seeing everyone. This is why we were off the road for so long. Her health was more important. It was recently decided that I and some of my family members will continue. Looking forward to being back and being with you on the road. Many blessings and peace. It won't be the same without her beside me.

A new day

Thanks for all of you, our friends for sticking with us. Looking forward to working harder for you in the new year. Lelia's health is stable and hopefully a little better. She's ready to go, ready to sing and entertain once again. Me I'm like a racehorse at the gate. New videos and songs coming soon. More later.