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Aftermath of a storm

It's been 9 months since the F5 tornado swept through Joplin, MO taking hundreds of lives and also showing the beauty of human nature. It's a beautiful thing after so much pain is endured that a town can show so much love. I saw two kids about 13 years of age today skateboarding near the severely damaged Joplin High School and as they passed the school they just stopped and stared and I couldn't help but feel for them. We as a society take so much for granted that even something like school is seemingly useless to some of our youth until it's lost. Then it's instantly a tragedy and "what are we gonna do". However now we are rebuilding and as I see new houses and businesses going up I wonder with time if we will lose our compassion for our fellow friends and neighbors, or will we bind the knots tighter that are holding us together. I pray for Joplin and I pray most of all for a change not only in others but inside myself and I believe if we start with ourselves we can begin to fix "The Aftermath Of A Storm."