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'Overnight Rockstar' is coming! October 11th!

What's up SJ nation?!

It's been a while since I've talked to many of you, but I've been up to some awesome stuff in the past few months, so let me update you all. All of this past summer I've been going out to Alexandria, Virginia on Saturdays and busking in Old Town. Usually I just went by myself, but sometimes I went out with a buddy. Usually fellow rocker Josh Urban, we also had Ryan Thompson come out and join us one time, and many passers by joined us for a listen or a jam. All and all a fun time, a great way for me to test out songs with the public AND a free gig that payed extraordinarily well!

The months of September and October are big ones for me because of 3 things: One, as of today, the 8th, I've been one month without a cigarette. It's an expensive habbit, and one that could potentially de-rail my music career, so I decided to quit. The second thing is the fact that my 21st birthday is this coming Wednesday, the 11th! Don't worry, I'll have a designated driver for the evening. And the third is the one I'm the most anxious to share with you all:

I've been recording, and prepping for release, my debut album entitled 'Overnight Rockstar'! You've all had the opportunity to hear the demos of the record, but I wasn't quite happy with them, so I ditched them and completely re-recorded them, and I've decided to make an album out of them. It will be coming to many online retailers (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Amazon MP3 to name a few), Bandcamp & Reverbnation on October 11th. I released a tentative track listing on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, but I've changed it around since then. Here's the official track listing: 1. Rolling Along 2. Cool Is Never Right 3. In Between A Win And A Lose 4. Let The People Live 5. Be At Ease 6. Save The Date 7. Teachings Of The Lost 8. The Official Girl Of Your Dreams 9. Escaping Hell 10. Mr. No More Nights Alone

In support of this album, I'll be making appearances on two radio shows: The Band Next Door show with Danny Hill on The Phoenix (phoenixintermedia.com) on September 27th from 12PM to 2PM EST, and on The Signalman Show with Josh Urban on WDCE 90.1 FM Richmond (wdce.org) date TBA. I've also got 3 gigs lined up so far (more will be announced as they come):

10/11 Unitarian Universalist Church of Reston, Reston, VA, 8PM (with Doug Sedgwick) 10/19 Sam Ash Music, Richmond, VA, 7PM 10/26 Epicure Cafe, Fairfax, VA, 9 PM (with Doug Sedgwick)

At each of these gigs, I'm deciding between handing out physical copies of 'Overnight Rockstar' or business cards with a download code for it. More on that desicion in the coming weeks.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the album when it comes out, and I hope to be able to see you at one of my shows! Talk to y'all soon!

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!! Spencer Joyce

The #JURT - The Josh Urban Rail Tour

I’m participating in a tour being put on by my musician friend, and fellow reverb artist, Josh Urban. But this isn’t any normal tour!

On one hand, Josh is gonna be taking the Amtrack train up and down the east coast and stopping in the big cities to go play out on the street. These gigs will be broadcast live via his Google+ page (gplus.to/joshurban) and YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/poodlemanjosh)

On the other hand, he’s making this tour completely interactive! He’s giving each and every one of us a platform to essentially, share our story! If you have recordings, videos, photos, poems, a show promo, a short story, a great cookie recipe, WHATEVER, Tweet, Instagram, or post on Google+ using the hashtag #JURT anytime from 9/7 to 9/16. At the end of the tour, Mr. Urban will be putting together a compilation video of everything shared!

He’s also inviting all of us to come Jam with him on the street! The tour dates are as follows:

Alexandria, VA 9/7 Charlottesvile, VA 9/7 Charlotte, NC 9/8 Richmond, VA 9/9

Washington, DC 9/14 (I’ll be at this one!) Philadelphia, PA 9/15 New York, NY 9/16

The exact locations haven’t been disclosed yet, but you can follow Josh’s blog (joshurbanrailtour.blogspot.com) or like his facebook page (www.facebook.com/officialjosh) for updates on such matters.

Hope to see you out there!

Great show at Epicure!

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me at the Epicure Cafe last Saturday night! It's always a pleasure to play at such a cool joint! And for those of you who couldn't make it, you missed out big time! I know it was short notice this time, but you've gotta drop everything to come out for a good ol' time next time!


In the Top 20 now!

I appreciate all the support I'm getting from you guys! I've just now cracked the local Top 20! My internet was down for a couple of days, so I'm trying to get back to everyone who has fanned me right now! I'll have some more complete recordings up soon since I finally found out how to plug up my guitars to my iPhone and record them, so stay tuned! Next stop, NUMBER ONE!!!

Just cracked the Top 40!

Thanks for the support, guys! I've just cracked the Top 40 on the local charts and I couldn't have done it without your help! I also just got the GarageBand app for my iPhone, so I'll be making some more complete tunes in the coming weeks and posting them, so stay tuned gang! And also, spread the word so I can get higher on the charts, I'm going for number 1 baby!

New show's coming soon

Stay tuned! :)