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Searching Tom Bianchi on the internet?

Beeeee caaaareful.... beeeee veeeeery careful!!!!! My name is Tom Bianchi.... but I am not Tom Bianchi Dot Com! Be sure to know the difference! Who doesn't run a search on there own name from time to time? I do! In fact I just did, here in the 'buzz' section of the Reverb Nation tools. Sure... I get a bunch of hits! My website shows up, myspace, listings for shows, kind words from some friends and fans... BUT!!!!.... be warned... I'm not the only Tom Bianchi out there! :-) ToM

Reverb Nation and Tom Bianchi

I'm enjoying this Reverb Nation website. I feel like it will really help me to get in touch with many folks who have signed my email list over the years and help me to share the music as it is released with old and new friends. Thank you for checking out this new page of mine. Please do keep in touch and I will do my best to do the same. Thanks folks! ToM