The Clock

The moments i share with my family's and friends are the most valuable time i ever share. The clock, Real people do real things on the clock or off the clock. Always remember time never sleep.


I always believed that weed is a medicine, most people called it a drug. I can do the same things, with or without this medicine drug, by choice I love my medicine.

My Goals

If you always follow your passion, player haters can never forever make it rassion. Who ever believed in there dreams is more likely to reach there goals, if they are committed.

The Boss Daddy Legend

I pay more than the cost to be my own boss, I almost lost my mind in this music world...I live love and eat music, that's why I'm the Mother fu*k*n* BOSS. Hunk Kah C Gov.


when you have money, it doesn't matter how you sleep. It's all good but when your broke, sleep is never comfortable. even if you rest for 10 hours.Basically, what i'm tryin to say is. sleep is earned from work never sleep. Sleep to long and you'll miss your blessings. Only sleep when you tired, never when you feel tired.


Music Is What Feelings Sound Like...Great Music Help The Best.

Jah Blessing

Who God Bless, No One Curse... Who Jah Curse, No One Bless...Stay Cool H.K.C. Gov.

My Radiation

My Brain Radiation Is In Full Effects, Move Mountain/Goes Under Seas/Now I'm On My Way To The Number One Position On The Music Charts...H.K.C. Gov.

One Clarendonian

The people are my life and air, ill brearhe my life into their souls so they can feel my feel, say my words and, live my life. A life of not just one but all..Coming from One Clarendonian

The Restless

Music, money, and happiness all comes from no sleep. Thats why im always restless beacuse when im tired, im happy about my day but when im well rested, im mad beacuse i slept.So I Remain Restless