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Jessia Stewart on 94.9 The Bull

Every Saturday Night 9pm-10pm Request "Greyscale", By Jessica Stewart Click the below link to vote to keep "Greyscale" on 94.9 The Bull playlist. http://www.949thebull.com/pages/backyard_country.html Saturday Night 9pm- 10pm Request/Vote options: Call 404-741-0949 or Text 46350 (body of the text type: "Greyscale", by Jessica Stewart'

500 Songs For Kids Event

May 9, 2012 www.songsforkidsfoundation.org/JessicaStewart Title: Jessica Stewart @ 500 Songs For Kids - Smith's Olde Bar Location: Smith's Olde Bar, 1578 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta GA 30324 Start Time: Wednesday, May 09, 2012 7:00PM End Time: Wednesday, May 09, 2012 11:55PM

Let's Vote!!

Time to VOTE! View the link and click the "like" button to cast your vote for Jessica Stewart. The video with the highest points will open for singer-songwriter Dave Barnes at his Atlanta, GA show. http://www.topblip.com/w/9699

House Show

To those of you with no familiarity of what makes up a basic house show, allow me to toss your way some of the main ingredients.    Enjoy.

-A house show is a concert hosted by an individual that occupies space.  Vague?    More or less a house show is a show hosted by an individual who wants to support the music and introduce others to the sounds as well.  I would love to come play a show in front of your friends in any space that you'd so desire.

-Cost?  Cheap.  The price and the circumstances vary for each situation and each purpose behind the show.  We can review the details at a more appropriate time.

-Ideal places for a party of this magnitude:  Campus houses, living rooms, bonfires, studios, backyards,  schools...etc.

-Why would you want this?   Go with it!  Having a house show at your place is ideal for parties or even just to treat your friends to a cozy night of music.  Again, the motivations are often wildly diverse.  

-Why I want to do this?  I love music and I love sharing my passion with others.  The best environment to showcase music is a place of intimacy and authenticity, two items often lost at bigger venues.  Send me an invite and we can line up the appropriate details, this could be an incredible adventure for the both of us.

If this on any level sounds like something that is of interest to you, send me an email at jessicastewartontour@gmail.com or js@jessicastewartmusic.com

Thank You!


KCRW Song Request

Five minutes is all the time needed to complete the KCRW online song request form to official request the radio station to play 'Greyscale', by JS. In advance your support is greatly appreciated and never goes unnoticed. http://www.kcrw.com/about/contact/contact_main

A Fast Game of Q&A with Jessica Stewart!

Q&A What inspired you to start writing songs? My brother advised me the summer of 2011 to seriously focus on songwriting and that conversation has been a pivotal point in my music life. Before that day I had numerous song ideas and very few completed songs. Commitment makes all the difference. Do you play any instruments? Yes, Guitar. The greatest thing I ever decided to do years ago was pick up a guitar and start playing. Once you learn a few chords a guitar will be a best friend for life. Do you usually have a melody to along with lyrics? For the most part I do, however when it is time to sit down with the guitar and a idea for a song anything can develop. To start with a blank sheet of paper and end up with a song that I enjoy singing/playing is a great feeling of success. Who are your favorite songwriters? I am a big fan of the singer/songwriters in the industry. The foundation for me will always be Dolly Parton, KT Oslin, Jim Croce, Dennis Morgan and Kye Fleming. These days I am very intrigued with the writing of Shelby Lynne, her style is very unique and her talent is vast. Do your songs tend to be autobiographical? Yes, to some degree, but I try not to make the influence too literal.

Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart Singer-Songwriter www.jessicastewartmusic.com Jessica Stewart is a powerful musical spirit. Infusing a blend of Americana, Folk, Country, and Pop/Rock style into her music. She compels listeners to join the honest, relatable and entertaining musical journey through everyday life emotion. Growing up, in a small town in Georgia, the love of music started at a young age. The house filled with music from her parents record collection which included Elvis Presley, Conway Twitty, Eddie Rabbit, Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, Crystal Gayle and many others served as a starting point. At the age of four Jessica Stewart advised her mother she wanted to listen to only Barbara Mandrell music after seeing “The Barbara Mandrell and Mandrell Sister Show” on television. That declaration would be the first brick in the foundation of the musical influences chosen by Jessica Stewart to shape the path she would travel. Of course, Barbara Mandrell was not the only music playing in the house for too long. The hits of Country Music radio in the late 80’s and early 90’s played an important role of influence especially the albums of Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire. Jessica Stewart recently stated, “I am sure I was the only one in my 7th grade class listening to the music of Bob Wills and TLC. I have always loved music and never been opposed to listening to anything at least once.” During the summer of 2011, after a music event, her brother advised her to seriously consider focusing on songwriting and that conversation would prove to be a pivotal moment. Jessica Stewart would find herself intrigued with the songwriting catalog of Shelby Lynne, Lucinda Williams and Robert Ellis confirming the direction she wanted her music to go. Soon after the conversation with her brother, Jessica Stewart would play her music at venues in front of crowds (as large as large as 3,000) at Anderson Music Hall in North Georgia to an intimate music setting found at the renowned Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, Georgia. Jessica Stewart has released a six song EP that can be found online for purchase at www.jessicastewartmusic.com along with tour dates, videos of live performance and other artist information. For booking information please contact js@jessicastewartmusic.com.