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Bring That Passion into it!!!

I remember this from some where:"I'm not worried about computers trying 2 be like man.Rather,I'm more afraid of Man becoming more like Computers". Well let the Truth Be Known;I already Hear it In the music being Made 2 day!!! These artist Can't simulate What they Have recorded;on stage.That's why new(Girl,Guy)Bands or so-called solo artist are Shut Down every 3 2 4 Mths.CAN"T produce the sound,so they Fall. HARD!!! SING IT NOTE FOR NOTE. BE ABLE 2 SIMULATE EVERY NOTE THAT U PLACE IN YOUR SONGS. 4 GET THE IMAGE, BRING THE LOVE BACK 4 MUSIC!!!! "From A Musician 2 The True Music Lovers"...


Music is the essence of harmony that we all feel. 1 would say;it dwells with inside.Somehow expressions of messages r focus through sound,therefore we here the term;"Thats coming from the Heart"...But as i sit back , i wondered ;Why we do what we do? then some how it came 2 me,it said;The music that u feel in your heart,comes from the soul!!!Now i know that music is much more then u or me.it's the respect of 1 another. no matter how we play it.It shall be felt.Believe it or not;UNITY brings us 2 gether.That why we do what we do....thanks 2 a web site like this 1 ..... Peace Every Body!!!