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Countdown to Colombia tour

Wassup y'all! For the last couple of years I've been dabblin' in the studio - the Hott Boxx Studio - and creating my first born:) I won't let your imagination go wild, I'm talking about my debut album "Boston Buffet" which is set to be released in November when I return from my tour in Colombia... Tour dates are October 11th through November 8th, 2008... Colombia? yes, Colombia. I went to Colombia a few years back through a delegation organized by the American Friend's Service Committee. I learned alot from that trip and always knew I'd go back. I met Labor Union workers and organizers that have survived abuctions and death threats and had inspirational conversations with Indigenous Peace communities; I met with Afro-Colombians who struggle to be recognized as a community and are not given the rights that all Colombian citizens are supposed to have and I met with youth and organizations that utilize the arts to create positive social change in the lives of youth living in the midst of war. Youth who are lured on a daily basis to join the paramilitaries, guerillas or other armed forces because of the monetary benefits it provides, need alternatives and need a way to release the anger they feel, the injustice they feel, the hurt that they feel. Unfortunately many choose guns and money to express those feelings (not too different from what's happenin' here in the States). A healthy alternative, as some of you will agree, is Hip Hop. So this time I'm going back to not only visit communities and artists, but it will be my first tour for my debut album "Boston Buffet". I will be visiting Hip Hop Schools, Youth Arts organizations (where we'll also facilitate some workshops at), performing at various events and concerts in Medellin and Bogota, meeting with residents and leaders of the Peace community in San Jose de Apartado, meeting with Hip Hop alternative media outlets and recording some international tracks. I believe that Hip Hop is a form of expression that was born in the streets. At the basketball courts. In basement parties. It came from a need to be heard and I can't wait to meet artists in Colombia who are not afraid to speak their truth to anyone and who will be hearing me for the first time. "Boston Buffet" will be heard in Colombia and will be available to all of you very soon... Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I will keeping you updated before, during and after my trip through this blog and other sources. Be on the look out for info as well about the Album Release Party and other events or shows I will be performing at... Peace, -Lady Enchantress http://www.reverbnation.com/ladyenchantress