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Which Deal Would You Take?

Let's say you're just starting out, and you want to get exposure for your talent...

You'll play/sing just about anywhere you can, often for free. Then, one day, you have two recording deals placed before you. In each recording deal, you will be the "featured artist" (whether singer, pianist, whatever). Now, here's the deals:

(1) get a 50% cut of total revenues of sales of recordings that you've got ZERO dollars invested in, and for which there are NO contractural obligations/restrictions placed upon you, and for which there are ZERO expenses of any kind to you ~or~ (2) spend $15000 of your own cash on demo recordings that you cannot sell (you can only give them away)

Which of these two deals would you go for?

Deal 1, Deal 2, or maybe Both? (one deal does not exclude the other)

Jeleal  (over 5 years ago)

either way its kind of a know win situation. I'd take my chances with both options.

AppleTown Records
AppleTown Records  (over 5 years ago)

This seems like an unreasonable dilemma. If one pays $15000 to record, then the recordings were made for hire. The artist bought them. If a studio charges that much in a deal where they retain ownership of the support tracks/mixed version as well, that is pure greed and any artist to take that deal practically deserves what they get because they fell for it. Unless there is something missing from the story (like a promotion deal) I can't see this $15000 demo ever being made. What did I miss?

The Passover -  Full Cast Recording
The Passover - Full Cast Recording  (over 5 years ago)

Sound 9 Productions - I actually KNOW people who paid MORE than $30k for demos, then could not sell them, because they didn't get either the producer nor the musicians consent to use the materials commercially. So, the recordings could only be used for demos, and not sold....