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Vegas Death Rays Review from The Soundcheck 7/11/14

Last to the stage was a local favorite. The Vegas Death Rays (I must ask the guys how they got that name). The first time I heard the VDR boys was with Chuck Cantasano who owns Storm Room Studios up in Port Charlotte, Florida. Chuck recorded their album Sick Love and may I say it sounds awesome! “Deathray Dave” as he is known by in these parts is an absolute treat to watch on stage. Not only in the vocal department but hitting up the bass duties as well. Great talent in that man as I have heard that playing bass and singing lead vocals is one of the most difficult musical tasks to pull off and pull off correctly. Well, Dave has no problem in that department. Lead Guitar duties go to Eduardo Pratti who is a shredding machine! His fingers move so fast it’s like watching a lightning storm implode right before your eyes. However, Eduardo’s shredding technique is so tastefully composed that it’s the lifeline of the Vegas Death Rays music. Within this incredible trio lays the heartbeat of it all Drew Banger on drums. Drew’s precise beat and rhythm has become a mainstay for this band. The Vegas Death Rays have this signature sound bringing Rock, Punk and Blues together and composing some of the most off the chain music. Drew has every facet measured out. With a perfect meter, style and technique this is the Vegas Death Rays!! To follow VDR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VDRFLA Check them out on Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/vegasdeatharays And pick up a copy of their CD Love Sick: http://www.vegasdeathrays.net/merch

Factory Fast Compilation

For immediate release (July 17, 2014) – Creatures of the Night - a new 4-song rock sampler that binds together four unique rock bands is now available, and it’s only on Factory Fast Records. Creatures of the Night showcases the indie rock talents of Vegas Death Rays, Death of a Rat, The Oneneeders and Fryfogle - four bands that define really today’s “indie spirit”. This release is the third "Virtual Vinyl" sampler from NYC-based Factory Fast Records. All four songs are mixed and mastered into one easily downloadable file. Virtual Vinyl means its specifically engineered to sound like a record. Vegas Death Rays are a hard-working band from Punta Gorda, Florida, a non-stop cosmic blur of shows and great energy. Death of a Rat (Youngstown, Ohio) brings an incredible originality and depth to every song. The Oneneeders (Big Rock, IL) simply put are as authentic as “indie” gets, and Fryfogle (London Canada) packs a powerful garage-rock punch that can’t be dodged. Creatures of the Night (runtime 12 minutes 54 seconds) is available for purchase exclusively at https://sellfy.com/factoryfastrecords Press inquiries: FactoryFastRecords@gmail.com Press / Blog – contact us and we will send you promo copy via Drop Box

Vegas Death Rays Ohio Swing Tour

Vegas Death Rays are currently putting together dates and details for our Ohio swing tour! More dates TBA as details are finalized! Hell Yeah!

Tonight Live @ Voodoo

Tonight at VOODOO! Vegas Death Rays will be broadcast live on Rock Naturamix Radio, Brazil! Here's the live link! http://rocknaturamix.listen2myradio.com/

Vegas Death Rays News

Hello! Vegas Death Rays has some very cool shows to announce in the upcoming weeks. We are also putting together our Ohio shows for the beginning of August. If you are, or know of any cool bands that would like to play in the Ohio area with us...let us know! Peace and Rock on! Vegas Death Rays Check out our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VDRFLA

New Vegas Deathrays Merch

Check it out! http://www.vegasdeathrays.net/

Vegas Death Rays Store

The Vegas Death Rays store is now Open! Sick Love is now available in jewel case CD or download! Individual songs are also available to download!

Vegas Death Rays new album Sick Love

Check out the Vegas Death Rays new album Sick Love!

Sarasota !

Totally geared to play at the Cock & Bull, hopefully the weather will hold out and we can play outside...and, if not, hopefully we can play inside!! Looking forward to meeting Primavista, I'm sure we shall all rock no matter what....Lisa Death Ray online ya'all