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Check out my artist profile on this great site barsnbands.com http://www.barsnbands.net/listings/bands/GREG%20WOOD/ This site is great for artist in Edmonton to find new venues to book shows at or to find local open mic nights! It's also great for fans to discover new local artist as well as find out what shows are going on tonight in our city!

Top Albums You're into right now?

Thought I'd take a minute to share what I've been listening to. These albums are great if you're looking for something new to listen to these are worth your time.

1.Tahuna Breaks - Reflections 2.30 Seconds to mars - 30 Seconds to Mars 3.Thrice - Major/Minor 4.Steve Earl - Guitar Town 5.Reggie Watts - Why S*** So Crazy 6. Porcupine Tree - In Absentia 7.Neil Young - Greatest Hits 8.Kenny Chesney - Hemmingways Whiskey 9.City and Colour - Little Hell 10.Big Wrek - In Loving Memory

There's a big diversity of stuff here hope you enjoy. I'd love to here what your current top ten albums are right now, please leave a comment!

New Album

Hey everyone, Im getting geared up to start working on songs for my next release. I''d love to hear what my fans think about the next album. What would you love to hear on the new album? What format(s) would you like to see it released on? Would anyone be interested in a live DVD featuring live performances as well as interviews with all the people involved with the making of the album? Anything else I haven't thought of?

Free Music

Thanks for being a fan, Just wanted to say thanks again! If you haven't already please head down to my website www.gotgregwood.com and download the music that is available for free right now. With the release of my upcoming forth studio album "Greg Wood Raw" This summer, I will be switching to the no free downloads model. Artists giving away their music for free is a great way to gain exposure early on in their career and I have gained a lot of fans over the past few years and I feel much gratitude towards those fans. I have come to a new point in my career where making my art has become more than a hobby and I am now competing with the major label artists for radio play. As such The cost of my recordings has gone up substantially and I need the support of my fans buying my music in order to continue to improve the quality of my art. My music will still be free to stream on my website but downloads will all be through iTunes and other music retailers. Thanks again for all your support over the years and I look forward to making great music for you and others in the future. Please if you have any feedback at all please leave me comments on my site as I would love to hear all you thoughts on this model.

The Cycle of Evolution of the Mind

Imagination creates desire, desire manifests talent, talent opens doors of opportunity, when a door of opportunity presents it self you must believe you are worthy and simply walk through it(act). When you feel the reward of your positive actions(emotion) your mind is free to dream new and unrivaled possibilities. The cycle of evolution of the mind can then spiral out! -Greg Wood

In the Studio with George Canyon!

The first time I ever walked into a recording studio was quite an exiting an bewildering experience. I was 13 years old and I wanted to enter Axe Music's guitar solo contest, which required sending in a CD recording of your best rock guitar solo. My momager asked around town and found that the local Bylaw-enforcement officer; Fred Lays had a home studio with cheap rates and booked me in. I showed up with my guitar, amp and a few Boss effects pedals. Mr. Lays plugged in a few mics to his computer recording set-up, hit the record button and I started laying down takes. We sent in the CD and I never heard back from Axe Music, but my thrill for the rush of the recording light was sparked. I'll never forget that day and the feeling of stepping into the "Big Time", well it felt pretty big at the time! I would later go onto build my own home studio and record at some world-class facilities. Mr. Fred Lays would keep his passion for music alive in his humble home studio and keeping his vocals hot would later go on to be the runner-up on the hit reality TV series Nashville Star. Frederick George Lays "George Canyon" now lives in High River Alberta and enjoys a successful music career.

How I got into Recording

My first experience with recording started when I was 10 years old. The Library at my school had an old cassette tape recorder with a built in mic in the library that you could sign out and take home, I'd use it in conjunction with a tape to tape recorder I had at home to do multi track recording. The process went something like this: I didn't have a drum kit at the time so I'd set up the ol' pots and pans pull out the wooden spoons and go to town while recording onto the cassette recorder then I'd take the tape throw it into my home system and jam along with the bass guitar and record the combined sound of the bass along with the recording of the pots and pans to create the rhythm tracks. Then I'd take that recording and jam along with the guitar and record that. By the time I was laying down lead guitar parts it didn't really matter that I was using pots and pans as a drum kit because the sound degradation noise cause by overdubbing on cassette tapes with a shitty built in mic made it sound like indescribable percussive sounds anyways. The end product was complete garbage but the process of multi track recording was to me an indescribable and infinite creative canvas that I would peruse and try to explore the limits of for the rest of my life.

Music Biz part II

Now there is the old argument that if a band doesn't have a great draw then why should they get a guarantee? The bar makes money buy being a bar(aka selling booze). A live band is an extra selling feature just like: VLT's, a Juke box, a DJ, pool tables, dart boards, naked strippers, a mechanical bull, hot bar staff, decorations ect.. If the bar would like a live band to add the the atmosphere or theme they should buy one just like a mechanical bull. If a band can bring in 100 friends to their show and they know that on average each friend is going to spend $40 they should demand $2000 as a guarantee, rent a hall and get their own liquor license for their shows and keep all the money, or join up with a signed touring band and hit the road. Its stupid that bands that have a combined experience of 10.000 live shows and a new band with 40 hours total time learning their instrument get the same offer to sell tickets at the local bars. You're Right Paul someone has to step up and have some balls and say no I don't care that you have 100 friends your band sucks and Im going to pay band X money to play in my bar because they rock and the patrons will enjoy themselves and buy lots of booze and come back with friends... and I will either hire band X to come back or talk to Band X's booker to find out who else is good if they are unavailable. Reminds me of a bar i was a regular at in Grand Junction Colorado called DJ's Roadhouse they had a house band that played Thursday-Sunday nights every week for two years and the place was packed lots of booze flowing and a full dance floor. Some Old timers say the game has changed the good old days are gone but at DJ's Roadhouse the house band had quit their day jobs... Let go of your EGO pick up your skirt grab your balls and make some money and quit trying to pimp out Edmonton bands and their freinds like runaway teenage girls for $7 a pop

Music Biz part I

I just checked out a band at a new venue called The Ale Yard on the northside(Used to be called Don Cherry's) that was newly renovated and set up as a live venue including a big stage and dance floor they have a great atmosphere and looked like a great menu(although I didn't order any food). The Band was great kept it interesting and got the crowd involved. The Venue was defiantly lacking on the P.A and lights side of things but that may improve.. I think that this place has the potential to be a hit and here is how I think it could be done... The bar should only book bands through a booking agencies on contract for cash at the end of the night. Rather than having one guy book the bands for the bar and forcing the bands to sell tickets to their friends on their own time and then charging a service fee(essentially pay to play). This way the Bar knows they are buying good entertainment because the If the booker sends a shitty band then the bar will not book with that booker again. It allows the bar to work with a few different agencies for variety of musical styles or known or unknown bands. In exchange for filling out and faxing the contract and risking his reputation by suggesting the band the booker should get 10-15% of the guarantee. The guarantee should be $400 for the first time the band plays and then go up to $600-$1000 after that depending on things like; number of members, bands demand, distance from venue, notoriety ect... @$600 a show this means the booker and five members of the band would each make approx $100 each for the night. After expenses, travel time, and a three hour show that still works out to less than minimum wage but hey don't forget about the chicks!

"Greg Wood III Albums Distributed 511"

Thanks to the C2 and everyone in Bonnyville for inviting me to play on saturday! My team and I had a great time and we enjoyed the entire event! I have a few acoustic shows coming up but, I'm also working on writing new tunes and putting together a whole new live show! Lots of action coming in 2012 stay tuned, if its the last year of humanity its going to be a good year of music for Greg Wood! Like an exclamation point on the end of humanity, Greg Wood's 2012 releases will be the high note of the year!