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Take a Side EP Coming Soon!

We are currently recording and writing new songs for our Ep that we will have out sometime soon! We will be releasing our second song most likely at the end of this week, and we can't tell you how excited we are for you all to hear it! Keep in touch, we've got more songs on the way!

What's Happening Now?

Hey "reverberation-ers" it is Alex from Take a Side letting you know with this blog, what we have been doing lately. We know that you guys haven't heard much from us recently, and that is simply because we are working on a couple more songs so that we can book some gigs. Today (May 20th) we worked on writing a new song, and we should have it done in a couple more practices, also we are hitting the studio in two days to re-record a song to make it the best it can be. Once summer arrives, we will be able to be to have more practices and hopefully have a set composed of half originals and half covers, and we know of some places fairly close to us that we could play. As well as this, we will send our songs to the radio to get some airtime, and a bigger following. We thoroughly enjoy making music, and it is a passion that everyone shares in this band. As of now, we will be diligently working on new material and covers, so please bear with us as we go through some-what of a slow period in time in which you may not hear much from us for a little while. Please feel free to listen to our music on here or on our Facebook page. We like feedback (whether good or bad) as long as it is constructive criticism, so feel free to tell us what you think so we can continue to better ourselves. Before I come to a close with this first little blog, I would like to say that we don't intend on becoming famous. (although that would be pretty awesome if we did) The process of our song writing is simple, fun, and pure, and for us this method seems to be the one that works best. I will continue to write in whenever I get a chance to keep you guys updated on our recent activity. Remember to keep listening and following us on Facebook, and most importantly Take a Side!