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There is no greater example to me of perseverance than Jesus. Jesus came with one goal in mind – to seek and save those who were without relationship with God. Though He was mocked, He persevered. Though He had every opportunity to be distracted by trivial things in this world He persevered. He endured public humiliation and gross bodily mutilation in order to finish what He set out to do. Many tried to deter Him. They tried to beat His dreams out. Through all this Jesus held on to His purpose. Hebrews 12:2 says that for the joy, the goal, set before Him He endured the pain of the cross. Amazingly, all the pain in the world could not stop Jesus from reaching His goal. One day the goal was met, the fight was over, and the battle had been won. All the heavens and the earth stood still to hear what this mighty warrior, this brave soldier, this fragile human had to say. Nailed to a cross that was meant to break Him, Jesus lifted His eyes and declared “it is finished”. Ahhh…. I so want to be like Him. My life goals are nowhere near as noble as His. In all my goals, however, I want to honor Him by finishing them. He gave me the dreams, so I want to honor Him by fulfilling them. He placed in me such lofty desires. I pray that I can lift up each one to Him in gratitude and declare “it is finished”. I do not want to stand before Him one day empty handed, having to give an account for all I did NOT do with what He gave me. I hope you are encouraged to do the same. Let this next year be one that you finish what you start. In those times that you get down, depressed, or distracted remember the One who persevered through everything to give you your dreams. Let His struggle be your strength. Let His hurt be your hope. Let His valor be your victory! Finish…..