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We need a drummer and lead guitarist. We've been talking to a bassist recently, we'll keep up updates about that. All the demos that have been uploaded have been entirely done by me (Stephan). They turn out shitty but you get the idea of the song. At this point in time we have two songs completely written, one song has lyrics (also very anti religious), and a bunch of riffs floating around that we need to put to use. We should be having practice again soon, maybe auditioning the bassist. At this point the goal is to have all of our members by the end of March and be ready to start gigging in May. Also we're aware that our songs are really short, we will try to extend them more (particularly Messiah of the Mud). Anyway hopefully we'll have some new members soon. If you live in the Exeter area and would like to audition, please email vzs058@gmail.com for more information.