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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For more information contact quietroommusic@gmail.com MELINA MARIE, multi-faceted singer/songwriter, releases emotive and captivating new album “MENTAL PLAYGROUND” Detroit, May 6, 2014-The care Melina Marie has taken in developing her artistic sensibilities is revealed in the engaging 2014 debut album “Mental Playground,” produced by Chuck Alkazian, co-produced by Melina Marie and Josh Karpowicz, and recorded at Pearl Sound Studios. “Mental Playground” contains an integration of songs that draw you in: lyrically relatable; sensitive, but edgy; real, but with ethereal facets of electronica and dimensional vocals. Already gaining notice, the first album single, “Disarray” was featured in the ending credits of the film “Don’t Let Me Go” of the 48 Hour Film Project. Melina Marie’s versatile style of songwriting ranges from compelling piano ballads to pop electronica combined with elements of rock. She has had aspects of her artistic delivery compared to qualities of artists such as Liz Phair and Tori Amos. Alone at a piano, she is an artist that catches and keeps your attention, connecting herself to the audience through her heartfelt and beautifully constructed songs and vocals. “Mental Playground” can be found on both iTunes and Amazon, and additional information can be found on Reverbnation at http:// www.reverbnation.com/melinamarie. Prior to the release of “Mental Playground,” Melina Marie has scored music and provided vocals on several commercial and film projects. She spent her high school and college years developing herself as an artist through varied conduits such as writing, recording and performing an original anthem for her high school, to writing and touring with the Schoolcraft College Jazz and Synthesizer ensembles. She has continued her growth under the tutelage of Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, and through the course of her personal evolution as an artist has discovered her gift of developing others. Melina Marie is available out of Pearl Sound Studios as a composer, songwriter and producer. She is also available as a singer and studio musician on several instruments, including acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, keyboard and ukelele. Additional information as well as a full artist biography is available by emailing quietroommusic@gmail.com. Press Release: Bethany A. Young

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