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Hey friends,

I just added a live performance video for a song of mine called "For Sure I don't mind". It's me in my studio playing the acoustic guitar in a one take live video format.

This song was written about the end of a relationship and how when you finally part ways for all the things you thought you wanted out of your life, you realize too late that you actually wanted them all along.

Please add comments to let me know what your thoughts are.

thanks Shean

Same deep water as you

If life swings like a pendulum and the momentum carries on then it will come back the other way equally as strong

Last night on Maudlin Street

The Smiths were a huge influence on me, Morissey is quite frankly one of the few people who seem to know how to craft lyrics that were both introspective, and universal, telling the story of so many youth and the struggle to find out who you are. Life is painful,, but the pendulum swings equally as far to the other side. Without dark there is no light and without loss there is no joy. You can take the sun but don't take the moon.

How do you reach the world?

It is a difficult existence being an artist. Books, films, songs and paintings have been made countless times trying to capture what it means to pour your heart out into your craft and hope the world responds. "If you build it they will come." So I built it, and now all I can do is hope that the world will come.

If you do stop by and have a listen and like what you hear, please take the time to leave a comment, or tell your friends. Every long journey starts with one step forward.



Alanis Morissette has always been a bit of a GOD to me. She has the uncanny ability to write straight from her soul and musical phrase it in a way that makes you empathize and purge your own emotions along with her. Uninvited has always been one of those songs that despite it's simplicity hits the mark on all counts for what makes a song perfect.

A few months back there was a reality show here in Canada called Cover me Canada, that was looking for new artists to compete by covering Canadian artists. I was instantly drawn to redo this song. However, the contest entry only permitted 4 songs as an application, and uninvited was not one of them. Despite that I decided I would pay a little homage to Alanis, part thank you, part must do, as this song still remains to this day as one of my favourite all time songs. I hope you enjoy my rendition.

Number 24

WOW, I can't thank you enough! Your support has taken me up to the number 24 spot on the charts after just 2 short weeks. It is so nice to know that there is a place for my music is this very congested world where we are all bombarded with sounds and sights each day. I strive to do the best I can self producing, and I know I haven't learned all there is to know about how to make the sound as good as it could be, but I will keep trying as each day is a new day to learn.

Facebook page

Hello listeners. I have just added a FB page so anyone who likes my ReverbNation page can access it from their FB page and share it with their friends. you can find it here: facebook.com/SheanCarmichael

thanks so much for including me in your listening lives.


one week in

It is quite remarkable to join a new website and go from 802 on the list to 156 in only 7 days. I am happy that you have taken the time to come by and listen to my music. I am currently working on a new song called Don't take the moon, which I hope to have finished and loaded onto the site by the end of this week. It's a humble little song about dichotomy, and how one thing can not exist without the other. So please come back and check out my page to hear the new song, and as always leave a comment, I like to hear what you think


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and listen to my music. I have been working on several other projects over the last few years, but now I have finally decided it's time I put out just my music, forget all the pseudonyms and lay it all on the line for my art, or in this case music.

This page will consist of songs that are professionally done as well as self produced and maybe even some demos if I feel so inclined to add them for your listening pleasure. Plus it's always great to hear from people, whether you are a musician or not, kudos, compliments and critiques are always welcome.

Please come back soon and visit often.