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wanna manage the experiment?

OK, I’m not the best organiser in the world and the johnnie squizzercrow experiment needs someone who can be.

Here’s the job description:

There is no pay - we’ll give you a share of what we earn - I believe its called “performance related pay" or “payment by results" in the modern labour market :-)

You will need to find places mad enough to put us on and who may be willing to pay for the pleasure.

We will expect you to do most of the dealing with folk whilst we disappear into individual or collective drink and drug fueled comas.

We will expect you to help ensure that locally provided sound guys don’t fuck up our sound.

We may want you to push a few buttons on our travelling technology.

We will expect you to keep anyone with a camera at bay - that doesn’t just mean japanese tourists it includes anyone who might be trying to steal our soul with one of them pesky devices.

We will expect you to deal with press and promotional arrangements.

You will get to meet lots of interesting people - and us…

Up for it? Drop us a line on facebook or whatever…


a question if we may...

We've got another of our dubs to put up here this week. They, as you can hear in the playlist to the right, are lovely little ditties but the question we have to ask is whether they should be placed under a different, dedicated, RN account. Certainly they will be released (early next spring) using a slightly different band name so should we do the same here?

Thanks for any responses ;-)


scare your friends this all hallows eve

you can now carry johnnie round with you and show him off to all your friends by buying the t-shirt in the reverb store ;-)

yeah, I know, its too late - but christmas is just round the corner!


quite a few folk have been commenting on уликэтъат - what does it mean? how do you pronounce it and stuff like that.

The story behind it is quite boring - it had a rather mundane title and one night, by accident, I cut and pasted it into a document which, for some reason, had been set to default to cyrillic!

So the answer is its a much prettier looking presentation of ulikethat.

squizzercrow reverb refresh

On monday next we're going to update the songs on our reverbnation profile. Some old will go, some new will arrive and others will have updated mixes/structures posted. Hopefully, you'll find something in there you like!

I do this with a tinge of trepidation as I understand my play count will drop for each one I delete and I think that, of all my stats, is the one I feel really proud of!

Still! Onwards and Upwards!

Happy weekend everyone!


messaging problems

don't know whether they are - could just be my inability to work the new control room but got a query in on it anyway!

truth is I get email notifications that someones contacted me but less than a third of them show up in messages. so, if you've contacted me and I haven't replied, then that's why! hopefully either the control room or me will be sorted soon!


another great day - thanks to y'all!

spent today catching up with correspondence and listening to new music on myspace and here on RN. its been a good'un, we have a very wide and eclectic taste in music and its rare that we come across a profile without something to admire!

so thanks to y'all for your gift of music - keep it coming!


An apology


Due to other commitments we haven't been keeping up with our Reverbnation correspondence as well as we would have liked. If you have taken the time to write to us then thank you for doing so. We will manage to catch up soon and listen to some more of friends great music whilst discovering some wonderful new music!


Today's the day....

....that keith hits all major online download stores. Although the 4 songs on keith exist here the reverbnation versions are earlier candidates and are lacking somewhat compared with the release versions.

I'm not expecting to be deluged in sales but is anyone does buy it then thank you very much :-)



Just spotted that I've passed 4000 plays in the 3 months I've been here, That's incredible given I never thought others would appreciate what I really want to do rather what I have so often compromised in previous bands!

Makes it all worthwhile!

Just do it and I really thank y'all!


Oh (FKA Krackpot)
Oh (FKA Krackpot)  (about 6 years ago)

Incredible. That's what you get for keeping it real. Crack-on.