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New Single "Groomed For Destruction" uploaded

Hey there friends and family. It's been a long way coming, but the album is nearing completion. I have just uploaded a new single for the up coming album. The single is titled "Groomed For Destruction" featuring some recent songs I just wrote. Listen, enjoy, and I will keep you posted on when the album will be published. Some songs have been removed as they are being mastered, you can still listen to those songs in the Videos.

New song and vid

Hey folks, new song [titled: Epidemic] has been uploaded for your listening pleasure. Also a corrisponding vid has been uploaded to YouTube, check that as well, whilst there be sure to Like and Subscribe. Thank you and have a great day.

New song for your listening pleasure

Greetings and salutations, and Merry Christmas! Just uploaded is a new song I jammed out for the upcoming album. Take a listen and enjoy. Have a happy and safe holidays, and look forward to more new songs as the album comes together.

New song, preview from upcoming album

Hey there folks, uploaded is another teaser song [What Was, Will Be Again] from the upcoming album "Blind, Deaf, Mute Men Running the Apocalypse". Enjoy, and thank you for the listen. Have a great day.

Preview of upcoming album

Greetings, well the new EP "Mute Men of the Apocalypse" just dropped yesterday (7/6/13). As you will notice in the song listing there is a couple of new songs (Nuclear Mealstrom, and Groomed for Destruction) these are some new material for the up coming album "Blind, Deaf, Mute Men Running the Apocalypse" that I will be working on. So listen, enjoy, and have a great day.