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as the sun has appreared this month, it gives me the opportunity to work with new creativity with my music. i am developing new skills on keyboard and guitar. ***


april welcomes us with a mixture of cold weather,,, i don t like it.... it s time for the sun to appear....*

holidays coming

tomorrow i will be at the beach of the sea with my girl annette, am looking forward :-) we re gonna be at the east part of germany....

new songs coming

i am working via homerecording to offer new songs.... 3 are yet in the box :-) it will be inspiring and brings my music on a new level ....))) blessings, fab***

respect and trust

i believe that many people would earn so much more respect and trust, than we would ever guess....nice to meet some daily )))))*

me,myself and i

happy weekend,,, seems that i rather be alive than having birthday )) but who knows???