I have recieved an e-mail today informing me of the passing of Joseph Firecrow. Joseph was an aquaintence of mine from a few years ago. I spoke to him several times over the phone through my former producer, Tom Brown, (also deceased). The passing of Joseph saddens everyone who knew him. He has been a wonderful Cheyenne tribal member who had the soul of wisdom and gentleness rarely seen. His sense of humor could bring anyone to laughter. And when he picked up any of his flutes and began to play his music, anyone would instantly be transported to a place of beauty. Joseph was a multiple NAMMY award winner as well as the recipient of the NAMMY LIfetime Achievement Award. But, it is his influence in the human world that has always been the most pronounced. Even though we were only aquainted, from the start I knew I had spoken with a true warrior for love. And I have often thought that if the rest of the world could adopt only fifty percent of his beautiful approach to humanity,.... we would have very few cares. Rest In Peace brother. You have left a legacy that few can follow.


Friends and fans, the album/cd "VISITOR" is now completed. We will soon have it Mastered and a short run of FREE cd's will be available. The music from this project was always meant to be free. Myself, Kevin and Jon had all agreed we wanted to create something to donate for Native American causes all over the U.S.A. It has been a long effort. It has also been very costly. But, anytime you undertake such an effort,... without financial support of any kind, someone will have to pay for it. This is one reason it has taken over twelve years to complete. And the cost for it still has not ended. There will be more financial losses for the production in the future. And we will not make, nor will we accept any profits from any sales. This was a labor of love. Love of music and Native people everywhere. Along with the entertainment factor, we also wanted to highlight some of the issues that Native people face every day. Unfortunately, we aren't able to write enough songs to address all the issues that Native Americans face. Many of these issues are VERY bad! And the cost of this music, or, the labor involved cannot compare to the struggles many Indian people face today, and have faced for a very long time. Many of these issues spill over into the mainstream public and society but, they are rarely given any attention. I can only ask that whoever reads this will add your voice to those of my people. Talk with them. Listen to what they have to say. Much of it affects you too. Even when you don't immediately recognize it. Please consider this,... If Kevin, Jon and I can donate, freely, and at tremendous financial cost to the Native effort,... so can you. It certainly hasn't been easy. And you don't need to spend a fortune. Simply stand up for what is right! Finally, I want to extend a huge word of thanks to Steve Fossie and Israel David Hall, (Izzy Def Productions), for their contributions to this body of work, and their additions to the title song, "VISITOR". Last, but certainly not least, to all my family and especially to my wife, Tammy, who is always helping any way she can to get the music completed. (she is the female background vocals on Visitor as well). Thank you all for your friendship and support. And now, we move on to the next project,......


I AM NOW RETIRED FROM MUSIC. As of Friday, Dec. 5, 2014, during my performance, I announced at Abiff Pub, in Burns, Tennessee that I have retired from live performances. I may still continue to produce new recordings if I get into that mood. I may also perform for a worthy cause or benefit, but this will require a lot of investigation before I commit. Any performance will be rare. Thanks to all my friends and fans for your support over the years. I will miss our personal time at the live shows and I hope I can see you again somewhere. Other than this, all I can say is that I may see you somewhere and I wish you all the very best. Randall Eating Bear Red All Over Project

Moving Up The Charts

Reverbnation has posted that I have moved up in the local charts to #44. Wooo Hooo !

Randall & RED ALL OVER Chart

Reverbnation just informed me that Randall Eating Bear and Red All Over Project has climbed the local charts to #55. Maybe we'll get it better this year !


Many thanks to everybody who came to Rockin' Rhonda's for my show tonight. And thanks to Kim Bowman and family as well, and for visiting and "LIKing" my Red All Over Project Page. Special thanks to Jerry N Faye Pence and family for coming and bringing such wonderful support,.... You know we love you guys so much. Happy Mother's Day to all of you who came and to all mothers everywhere. You are the pillars of the future world and the Super Women for our families. Many blessings to you all


Hi Friends and fans. You may have noticed I've been absent from ReverbNation for a short while. This is only because I've been taking some time off in the winter. But, now it's Spring/Summer and I'm already playing some LIVE performances close to home. I already have some great gigs booked through June, 2014. However, some of those are private and so I may or may not be posting for those. However, you can check back here on RN or visit my Facebook page to see where I'll be next. Thanks to you all for your support and I hope to meet you at one of my shows. Love and peace to all, Randall

Sept. 28, and 29, Mt. Juliet Pow Wow

We had a great time at the 32nd Annual Mt. Juliet Pow Wow on the Sept. 28 and 29 weekend. It was fun to provide and mix the sound and the audience was fantastic when I played on Saturday. Great to see some dear old ndn friends. And apparently I made some new ones and some new fans as well. Great to see you all there !!! Thanks again Cindy Yahola for all your efforts to put on a top class pow wow. Your Dad must be proud in Heaven !

We're #24 On Roots Music Charts !

Gosh, what a surprise to see my chart position on "ROOTS MUSIC" report. Also, there is a chart on my Red All Over Project band page, (f-book), which shows many things, including virality and people reached. At this time RAOP has exceeded the max on the charts. (wow !) I have no idea why this has happened,.... but thanks to everyone for sticking by Red All Over and bringing this about. (geez,.... should I faint? or what?)


I'm not certain how many fans know that I've been a supporter of Leonard Peltier and his release from imprisonment for many years. My song "RAISIN OATMEAL" was written for him. But it was also about me as well. Many years ago I was locked away for something which I didn't do. Three years I was just like Leonard. And innocent as well. Please join the world wide movement to help free an innocent man. FREE LEONARD PELTIER NOW !!!