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SO 2014 was an incredible year for us! we won Video of the Year at the GA Music awards, released our debut album, and began touring and playing quite a bit! This year we plan on doing more of everything we did last year including worl on album number two and touring at least double the amount we did last year! Stay Tuned GIANT fans!!! Foz


We have released a new single available on iTunes named 'So You'd Like To Think' and the video is here on our profile. Please help spread the word. Thanks!

pretty elated

We had taken a creative hiatus the last few months because of my busy schedule and the birth of my daughter Zara. I had taken a gig as the music director for Big Smo out of TN for a while and realized along the way that my heart wasn't in it. It took me a long time to be myself and I will never put my emotions to the side for career ever again. I put AOTG back together at the insistence of my good friend Vinny Kumar and I will forever be grateful to him for making me do it. I am now doing the music I love and everything in my world is falling into place. I am not out here chasing success...I am doing the music I love and success is finding us. Feeling pretty blessed and excited about the future. God Bless! - Foz Rock

Saturday 2/25/12

We developed and amazing song idea today. We got up took care of our daily lives and met up at Giant Studios around 4pm. We enjoy hanging out with each other so after a while of lolly gagging i started messing around on my roland keyboard and came up with a great chord framing... which is odd because i can't really play piano. The riffs reminded me of my friend Emily Dunn who recently passed away. I told the guys such and we sat around and i began telling stories about Em and they listened. Together we came up with a great song idea and soon i hope to share it with the world we named it "Sweet Emily" ... cheers! Foz Rock

Friday night

So we are getting together tonight to try and write some new songs for our upcoming album... pretty exciting. I am also expecting the birth of my daughter Zara any day now... been a short 9 months. Looking toward the future i often find myself daydreaming and wondering what life will be like when she gets here. Will i get to show her the tour life? i hope so! Will she play an instrument? will we be able to jam? hahaa i think she's already inspired a few songs unknowingly. Life is good. Foz


So it is the within the first few nights of our big debut show and i am tired. We had been rehearsing virtually non-stop for the past few weeks and i am glad to have a few nights at home. I realize how much work is ahead of us and am glad that i am around the people i am who seem to have the same drive and desire. One thing is for certain i am excited about the music we are writing and pumped to see where this all leads. Hello weekend runs and late night diaper changes. I'll be back. Foz