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SKULLCLUB, the Danish band based in Kolding, sound like nothing else from the Danish Rock-scene. With their hard, energetic and unpolished rock, spun from elements of punk, rock and folk, with a touch of “sing-a-long”, they have found a unique style – all served with an unmistakable hard drive and masses of humour. With material written in both English and their mother tongue Danish, the band tells stories in a straightforward way – songs about Veterans, the man on the dole, drunken sailors, Hoodlums and Hooligans. There are no rules – if it works, it works. From the first bars of the opener, Død og Kritte (Ye Gods!), through Desperado, Strandvasker (Body on a Beach) and (SO)cial to the final track Toon Army it is clear that SKULLCLUB is an explosion of 100% pure rock from the Danish mainland. SKULLCLUB draws on a vivid mix of genres and delivers tunes that are high-octane, unruly punk rock ballads. Drawing their inspiration from bands such as early Dropkick Murphys, the Norwegian outfit Skambankt, Sham 69, Mötorhead and many more, SKULLCLUB do not sound like anything else or any other band – they have certainly found their own style, sound and place in today´s Rock world.