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Y heights n Split One are back!

Me, Young Heights an my blood brother , Splitone are back at what we love to do , we had a fall out an had beef for a bit n that's why I started riding solo , but after i got out from my 2 month bid , we sat down an talked and we just was like fuck it man you my fam n he said same thing lets get back on our music grind ,we went out an bought a brand new booth shit is fire 3 bills at least . We been friends for ever like i mean kinder-garden real talk , we been threw a-lot in our life shit was hard, an fucked up so we just want to express our life an what we had to do , our struggle , and our raps are real from the heart no fake shit , this is our story of our life Hard body no lie, an its just helps us with it n that's what we love to do , and i hope you enjoy our music too , thanks so much to our fan an support we have on reverbnation its awesome ! thanks a lot again Y heights.