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We have been working on new music and things are starting to come together on a few of the freshies. If you have been to a show recently then you have heard our newest song Anything you do, hope you guys like it, that will likely be our first single on the new album. The songs we are working on now still do not place us in any particular genre but our own. A lil punk, a lil reggae, a lill ska, a lil rock and a bit of metal. So whereas our last album was called the Great Unknown you could probably call the new project We still don't know. Fuck it though, who needs a genre? It's all fucking rock and as long as we strive to keep rock alive everything will be alright. I am going to start a new social media project that interacts our creative experience with you guys. Whether it is a snippet from a practice, live footage from a show or a rant like this; I want you guys to be involved in every part of our new project. Give us feedback, advice, and love as much as you can. It will be fun, who knows, your idea could end up on the next album. Anyways, good talk, see you out there. Tomorrow night I play acoustic at Catch 22 5-8 and then the full band is over at Backstreets in Cape Coral on 47th Terrace from 9:30-1:30. Hope to see you!


Passion. noun • strong and barely controllable emotion This is a word that is thrown around a lot. People state that they are passionate about a lot of different things that in all honesty turn out to be at the most a vested interest, usually a flighty hobby.

When Jarrod and I started Simple Jack it definitely started as a hobby, but we always had a passion for music and that is all it takes to create a spark. Passion breeds creativity while motivating you to hone whatever craft you are passionate for. The spark that pushed us is when we first started playing with Brian, Chris and Tyler, 3 of the most talented musicians I have ever encountered. It took our sound to another level and raised the ceiling to levels that we have not even explored yet, honestly I feel that there is no ceiling.

So what am I getting at you may be asking. My goal, our goal as musicians is to leave you feeling the passion that we have for each song we play. Hen you leave our shows we want you to look back and say I felt every word, chord, lick and beat that they threw down and they obviously had a damn good time throwin down.

I challenge everyone, musician or not, to look at what they are truly Passionate about and make a conscious decision to give everything you can to that passion. You will feel a tremendous mixture of release and an intense feeling of being alive. That is what passion is all about, if you do not feel at your most alive when you are doing what you are passionate about, then it is truly nothing more than a vested hobby. One of my favorite quotes is by Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music life would be a mistake”. I think that it would be appropriate to say that “Without passion life would be a mistake” as well.

Thanks for listening to my rant! ~Shaun Miller Simple Jack


In essence we are all slaves to it and we all dream of being released from its shackles. There is never enough when you need it and there is always too much when you wish it would pass. You cannot control it, you cannot entice it, you can only hope to keep your sanity while finding a sense of peace with it. Enchanting your validity and denying your every desire just so that you can remain "in Control" lose yourself, lose your fears. embrace the chaos and from it will come truth. Time is nothing, as is most of what we feel and desire; in essence it is a projection of our deepest wants, needs, hopes, desires and painful memories. Time is meaningless unless you stop living for intangible desires and start living for what truly makes you feel alive.


This has been a big year for us, obviously being that we have only been a full band for a full year, but the last 4 months in particular have helped us really take form and build off the momentum of getting our first steady gig at The Beached Whale and now being incorporated to the Rackem Original local music scene. We are up to 8 originals and while we have been doing some recording sessions on our own we feel the need to get into the studio as soon as possible and get a full album recorded and mastered. We are so fresh to this scene and are really starting to grow as artists collectively. We do not aim to replicate anyones sound but to create our own based off of all of our individual loves and styles. So all in all thank you to everyone who has supported our music and our collective dreams. Here is to a strong finish to the 2012 year and a great 2013!

Original Music

Well, we finally sent our originals in for copyright and as soon as we get the certificate we plan on getting in a professional studio to have them mastered and release them on iTunes, All Fans who like our Facebook page will receive either a free download card or CD whichever they prefer. We will keep you posted on the progress of getting into the studio.

Simple Jack 03/12/12

Doing work in the studio today, looking to work on a couple originals and then add 3 or 4 new songs to our set list. Pumped up, should be a great night.

Simple Jack 03/11/12

The dreams acted upon by few are greater than the sum of followers that blindly believe that things will just work out. Grab your dream and run with it, make it happen yourself. No one will hand you anything in this life and if you do not take chances you will be stuck with regrets and an empty hole inside you that no matter how hard you try, is impossible to fill.

Simple Jack 03/10/12

We have been working together for about 4 months now. It has come along much faster tan I expected. Our originals need some work but the ground work is there. Our style is not clearly defined as we have some Sublime overtones, Chevelle riffs and a couple good ballads. I think that we are going to lean towards the Sublime style to fill out the rest of the album. Once we copyright our music I will upload it for everyone to hear. Enjoy the weekend!