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Lots of News!!

We have a lot of new songs. Everything you hear of now is old. We have new material that we will release soon. Rock on and we love all of you. New shows soon and going to a new studio soon hopefully. We will see with financial issues.

Lost in the Haze! Our new song.

http://youtu.be/RN_f3onutJ0, a link to our live performance of our new song Lost in the Haze, instrumental, becuz we are searching 4 vocals.

Going pretty damn good.

Starting to get our album recorded in the studio so by beginning of next year be prepared for fucking amazing riffs & maybe even shows in a few months. Much love-BPR

Getting your tough break your band needs.

It takes time to do this and lots of practice and you have to stay focused and feel open to share any ideas with your band because you are like a family.