Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! We hope you're staying alert and vigilant against any incoming Zombie hordes. To celebrate your survival, here's a little gift....a hi-def, original copy of our 'Leverage' tour flyer!! Makes a cool background on your phone or you can print it out and make your very own Modena wall poster! Rock on and stay safe out there people. https://www.dropbox.com/s/62pdw9l2ep07w3w/Flyer.jpg?dl=0

"The Chosen Few" fan video

Check out the link below for a fan-made video for "The Chosen Few". Gotta admit, its kinda flattering that someone would spend their free time making a music video for us. Lots of symbolism going on here and the listener shows us their unique interpretation of our art. Coolest thing of all is that we created this song out of thin air and now its reach spans farther than we ever thought possible. That's the beauty of music, folks. With interactive feedback like this, we have no alternative but to write more great music for those who want to rock!

**DON'T FORGET** our new single 'WHAT I WANT' is due to be released next month. AND don't miss a chance to catch our live show! We'll be kicking ass and taking names at a club near you...tour dates TBA!

You can check out the video here: http://ror.mx/ccL

Facebook Giveaway!

Check our facebook page for a chance to win a free handwritten lyric sheet and stencil drawing of James! All u have to do is Like our status!!! Better hurry, contest ends in 24 hours \m/ www.facebook.com/modenamusic

Where's Modena?

Some of you may be wondering, "where is Modena?" Well, there are several answers to that question. Just cause we're not playing out every weekend doesn't mean we're not around!! Right now we're finishing up our new EP. We are also still looking for a new bass player. So If you think you can hack it, give us a shout!!! Another reason for our lack of stage presence is that we have been working with a lot of other artists from the Triangle Area. Whether its writing, producing, engineering, or just being a hired gun on a studio session, we keep expanding our network as best we can. Continuing to make NC the home of great music. And we encourage all bands to stay in contact with us during this period!!! Don't be fooled, though. We miss the stage dearly.... but the good news is we have some seriously awesome tunes coming your way this fall. So get ready, and in the meantime have a happy, and safe, Labor Day weekend!!!

-James, Justin, & Haywood

Studio Update

We're going into the studio today to record drums for the first couple songs off our upcoming album. We'll be recording at Overdub Lane in Durham with producer Jason Meritt. Stay tuned for video updates, pics, and other various rock and roll shenanigans!! -james


Many thx to Stone Chrome Radio for making us their Sickest Band of the Week. GO CHECK OUT THEIR SITE and give the station a listen. They'll be playing our music every hour along with tons of awesome other music. You can copy/paste their website link here: http://www.stonechromeradio.com/sickest-band-of-the-week.html

New videos and photos added!

If you check the video section you'll find a bunch of new videos uploaded to our page. These have been posted to YouTube for some time but we're finally linking them to Reverbnation so you don't have to scour the internet for them! We also uploaded a few new live pics and throwbacks from our last studio sesh. Enjoy :)

"On The Cover" EP

Without inspiration, there is no creativity. That being said, we are recording a new EP currently titled "On The Cover." This will be a tribute to some of the (many) bands we grew up listening to and will include various cover songs from different rock genres, spanning the 70s thru the 2000s. The first track is "Colors" by SC based hard rock band Crossfade. Featuring Lee Robinson on vocals, lead singer for the AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck. You can listen to the track here - http://hyperurl.co/lopsyj

New video uploaded

Uploaded a new video of an acoustic song titled 'Never Enough.' To view, go to our video section and click on "All Videos"

New demo is up!

Modenians....in case you haven't noticed we uploaded a new track this morning. This is just one of many new ideas we are working on in our so-called "Hit Factory" and we can't wait to play it live for you! Remember to share with your friends and if you get the urge, feel free to leave us some feedback about the new tune. \m/