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Hard Rock Rising Contest! Natalie B Band Needs YOUR VOTE!

Natalie B Band has entered the Hard Rock Rising Contest! Please follow the link, vote for Natalie B Band by downloading for FREE "Burnin" written by John Cianciola and performed by Natalie B Band, "like" the Hard Rock Niagra Falls, USA FB page and click the "share" button. That's it and you'll help Natalie B Band "Win This Thing"! (Vote from your computer or Laptop – doesn’t seem to work from cell phones.) THANKS! http://www.reverbnation.com/contests/1507/artist/2403190

Help us win Play Crossroads Contest & open for Eric Clapton at MSG

Hi everyone! Please help Natalie B Band get a chance to win this competition to play at Madison Square Gardens at Eric Clapton's Crossroads 2-day concert in April. They need to be in the top 100 bands to be considered. That status is determined by Natalie B Band fan support. Please click on the link below and leave your name in the support window. It will also help if you play a couple of tunes and also to press the FB icons to share on your page. We love to read your comments. We will be continually updating the NBB profile by adding songs, pictures and videos. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! Fans: Show your support for your favorite artist by going to their page and leaving your name in their support window. Other ways to show your support would be to "Like" their Facebook Fan Page, Tweet about them on Twitter, or play their songs on the Play Crossroads band profile to help boost their rating.http://www.playcrossroads.com/u/NatalieBBand

Our Link to our You Tube Channel

Please check out our videos from various venues! www.youtube.com/NatalieBBand

Natalie B Band on FB

Please check out and "Like" our FB page! www.facebook.com/NatalieBBand