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TeleMiracle will be AWESOME!! Just found out we'll be performing on the same stage as the Headpins.. \m/ ROCK ON!!! \m/

Our writing!!!

Ya I know. We are constantly saying we are writing and yet put nothing out. Lol.. Well there are a few reasons for that. First off we are all pretty new to the writing recording and producing game. We have unreal riffs that we have produced into complete instrumentals But While we have many vocals to chose from, We want to try and do something for the audience and fans that will be influential but not over blown. There is a line between inspirational and creative or over blown and convoluted. Secondly: Our recording does not nor will it include auto tune or quantize! It will be RAW and real Mixed with modern equipment but done in an old school way. We concern ourselves with quality not quantity and this is what we will strive to deliver. Basically we want to produce music that will sound as good or better live as it does on a cd. Our goal is the road and the fans not the recording studio. Just figured I should let our fans know what is going on. The first step is always the hardest. For those of you who liked St. Patty's day Jams. We are developing two song around those ideas along with a couple different ones as good or better that were never released. Keep watching! We will have some exciting stuff coming out in the near future. Thanks much for the support! Clay Drummer for Rough And Wretched

Kiss to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Wow!!!! Slightly past due but AWESOME! In my opinion from stage show, performance, work ethic, costume, music, marketing there is not a band or artist on the planet that could not cite KISS as an influence. Big time Congratulations to the fans who hold part of that honor for making it happen and in ways forcing it to happen. Also to the previous inductees for the same actions.

St patty's day Jams 1 & 2

It seems a lot of folk like these jams They were recorded with the same cheap video camera every thing else here was recorded with. The video of those jams can be found on this page in the video section.

A success!!!!

Well as a band and personally We pulled off our first gig and it was an unreal success! We had short notice and had our vocalist flake out. We found and awesome vocalist with balls of steel to help us out. She literally had balls of steel to attempt our set list even with the changes made. We covered tunes from the following genre: Country, Rockabilly, Old school rock, Modern and traditional pop, Hard rock, and Heavy Metal. Nothing was perfect but this project is not about perfection, It's about learning, exploring and fun. All of which were accomplished. I am putting up a cross section of videos up from through out the evening. Was a family event so it thinned out huge by the end. Reviews have been great. I recommend good ear buds to listen though as some of the video was done from close to a hundred feet away from a balcony over the crowd. We kept our sound lower so folks could still have a conversation without screaming at each other.

Dearly missed!

Two musical legends were murdered by psychos on this day.

John Lennon - December 8, 1980 "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott - December 8. 2004

Give em both and their families a thought or prayer today!


Well after a long exhaustive search? Her name is KD Dale She has an awesome voice. She Plays some awesome guitar and Harmonica. I believe she will have an excellent stage presence. She seems to be our match; Fun loving, Cares about the audience and most importantly, open minded and leaves ego at the door. So now the fun work begins songs to learn and work on for our first gig in January. Truly I can't wait till after that cause with the wide range of musical influences and back grounds Writing is gonna be a blast!

KD Dale - Vocals - Rythem Guitar, Harmonica Nathan B - K - Lead guitar Backing Vocals Clayton J - Bass guitar, Banjo, Backing Vocals Clayton K - Drums, Vocals, and

I dreamed a Dream And worked toward it for two years and now it's here!!


Gratitude for support

Thank you very much to all of you who take the time to become a fan, listen to the music or videos or comment. Supporting someone else's effort is always worth while and rewarding and I always return the effort in every case. And if for some reason I don't? give me shit so I'm reminded!!!