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Great Nights of Local St. Louis Original Music!

Well, House of Rock’s Clash of the Titans battle of the bands has come to an end. Congratulations are in order for the winning band “Stringz of Time”!!! These guys rocked it!! Thanks to Joe Debisschop for having the vision to bring this event to St. Louis, to Boomer Addison for putting it all together and to the crew at House of Rock for all their contributions which helped make these nights so awesome!!! All of the bands involved deserve a round of applause for bringing their passion to life at the club each night!! Castlewood is proud to have taken part in the event which put the focus on local original talent!!! We would like to encourage more clubs and individuals to take part in shining a light on the talent that is here in our town and help give St. Louis the recognition it deserves for quality original music!!!

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