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I'm letting you go

Our new song I'm letting you go is our first acoustic song to date, will be uploaded soon

End Times show

It is with exitement and saddness that we will be having our final show in May, to all the loyal fans over the last two years we thank you, special thanks to Marina Darani that played our songs in the UK when no local station would ever consider it, Thank You

DJ Dangerous
DJ Dangerous  (about 4 years ago)

You are most welcome. Great music guys. It's such a shame it's going to be over. Will miss you guys. Thank you so much Pierre for staying in touch with me :) x

Tribal Butterfly band
Tribal Butterfly band  (about 4 years ago)

Thanks so much Marina, some good news it's not over yet we have gotten together again for quite a big show hope this is our break Regards Pierre

New Stats

Our new song Sweet whatever is now our third most played song, behind Kicking Dogs and Gypsy Rose, Check it out here on Reverbnation


Ourl Latest recordings were done live and no mastering was done on any instruments or Vocals

Walk Away

Our latest Song Walk Away is about bad Relationships and how some of us hang in there no matter what

Kicking dogs

We are currently recording our new version of Kicking Dogs and cannot wait to put it on reverb, this song is gonna be a killer

Tribal Butterfly

The Song Gypsy Rose is about a Nomadic Gypsy that no one has any rights over,she is free spirited and everyone loves her, but can never have her.