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Dipping my toe in the water

Joe and I got to Texarkana this Friday to play the new songs and visit with old friends. KPGG radio has been promoting the fire outta this gig ( thanks Fabe) and playing the new stuff for the listeners. I guess you could say they have the "exclusive". since we haven't formulated a radio plan yet. It's good to be back on the radio again after a 20 year vacation. Very exciting !! Michelle Hamilton is a whirling dervish of promotion on this gig, so I know it'll be great. I would ask all of my Reverb Nation friends to also add my Facebook band page www.facebook.com/frangill55 Thanks Frank

Gearing up for 2013

This is certainly the year that I'm going to branch out. Joe Gavito and I have been working on album of original songs and we're almost there. I'm hosting a couple of songwriter circles (don't know how that happened??) and we'll be doing shows outside of the Houston area starting in February. It's time to see if anybody in those small towns in Texas remember Mason Dixon and are curious to see what it's all about 20 some odd years later. We have a show in Texarkana on February 1st that is shaping up to be a humdinger thanks to some old friends and believers up there. I don't exactly know where I fit in category wise. Singer/songwriter, Americana, pop country, Texas alternative... all or none. I guess we're fixin' to find out. Wish me luck Frank

Donna Carr
Donna Carr  (over 4 years ago)

Frank my friend you don't need luck... you have TALENT... and that is alot!! Can't wait to see you again!!!