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Working on this song since May 2016. With "A fathers letter" I composed and published a very personal song.

So the same for WITHOUT YOU, as my wife is my world and inspiration.

What better way to express it with a Ballad with Pop/Rock touch.

Hope you like as well the lyrics. Afraid that more than one of you passed tough moments.....Feelings....Love

Your visit, listen and comments are always highly appreciated.

Have a wonderful new year 2017.

Love & Respect



Hey folks, just a quick note to inform that I have quit FAN REACH PRO as the 200$ don't compensate for me the small benefits of this RNation service. Therefore I would appreciate if you follow instead on TWITTER of FACEBOOK.. Remember, all susbscribers above 500 have to be paid, and after you cancel the subsricption there are erased.

Thanks for your support

Love + Respect



Hey folks,

Hope you're enjoying springtime and all is going well.

Thank you for the great welcome of "Broken mirror", glad you like this track.

As previously announced, this year hopefully I will finish the collab with the great Chris Ingram, working on a new track of mine and another collab....so watch out.

Wishing you a wonderful time, inspiration

Love & Respect



Hey folks,

After my last trip and before Easter hols, I've worked over this track, and this is my....final cut. Love & Respect


Hey fans and friends,

This is my first official song composed on 2016.

Very busy with travels and many ideas in mind....lack of time.

"Broken Mirror" is an instrumental song you put your headphones on, sit back and relax

Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for your amazing support.

Love & Respect



Hi folks,

In the past weeks I've read about good friends and musicians who are thinking to close their music page due to trouble with Rnation and FB.

I respect their decision but it makes me sad.

Just a few thoughts

I've as well minimized my presence on FB and social sites, not only for labor and private reasons, as well as there are too many people who only look for trouble or to bother you with silly things....but....

Music is one thing and social communication another one....and finally I can choose if I want to be on these sites and with whom I communicate and on which level.

Reverbnation of course wants and force us to be on FB...all these music platforms are self-promotion sites....

I'll no longer play their game.... let music be what it was, is and for me always will be...a hobby, a passion and the way to express myself. Not a competition, a race.

We all know that the ranking is a fake and that music business and the final success and breakout has more to do with money and relationships that with real talent....

So if somebody would like to cancel or close their music page due to lack of time on social media, it would be a pity.

As music is part of our identity and inspite of all troubles here on RN and FB, these sites are still a window to share our art with other people...and I love to listen and share other fantastic musicians, their music and art..

So don't get desilusioned and focus on the main thing...MUSIC...FUN

Love & Respect



Welcome and thank you for your visit, feedback and support. In a previous FANREACH mail I informed that due to labor and private reasons this 2016 my presence on social networks and my work as musician will be much less.

Nevertheless there are still some collabs which have been started on 2015, one of them with the fabulous Chris Ingram, which are on work and will be posted this year 2016.

Music is my passion and I've sweared eternal love to this art, so don't worry...I will not quit.

Thank you again for all the love and support which I always try to return with pleasure and honor.



Thank you so much for your amazing support on 2015, your visit, shares, likes, comments and overall your friendship which means the world to me.

Wishing you and your beloved a wonderful, fantastic, peaceful 2016, full of health, joy, love, respect and inspiration.

May the new year bring you closer to your dreams and each day full of sunshine, hope and laughter.



Yes, again it has arrived. The time full of hopes, dreams and stress...:-)

Wishing you and your beloved a wonderful Xmas time and start into the new year 2016.

Never forget that this would not be possible without you as fans and friends.

It's hard for all of us, fightig against odds, but our music unite us and is as well our last refuge....

Thank you for visit, listen, comment and overall our friendship on these past 3 years.


Love & Respect



Hey there, 2015 is coming to its end and I don't want to miss to thank you so much for your amazing support, comments and friendship.

This year was a bit strange as I had, and still on it, renew my electronic equipment. By means, Macbook Pro, Soundcard, Midi Keyboard, Plug in Guitars.....o.m.g.

Hope this year was great for you and that the next one will be at least as good as this one.

As informed on previous mails, there is one collab on work with the phantastic songwriter Chris Ingram, and two intention of collabs.

For this site I will post hopefully before end of 2015 a new track, called N&XPECTED, depending how much long my equipment will least....

So hope to inform you soon about more...

Again, thank you so much for your constant support.

Love & Respect



Dear Friends and visitors, it is a honor and special pleasure to announce a new track for this site. The song was originally composed on 2004 but it was 2 years ago I met here on RN one of the most outstanding female voices, Kim Guthrie. When I sent her the song last year she was very excited and agree to collab on this track with her voice. So finally I had to wait nearly 10 years to present this wonderful Ballad to you.

A special thank you to Kim, who has put with her amazing work such an intense feeling, heart and soul on this song and my lyrics.

A great pleasure to work with such talented and profesional artists, and I hope you enjoy the song.

Thank you in advance for your visit, listens, comments, likes and shares.

Love & Respect


kloudworks  (over 2 years ago)

Some songs come a long way! Wenn der Weg das Ziel ist, dann waren zehn Jahre wandern sinnvoll investierte Zeit:) Sounds fantastic! Huge congrats to both Kim and you, José ~ k.