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Home from the Midwest Shows/Writing & Recording...

Last Tuesday, we finished a demo of our newest song, "Love Like Voodoo", at Sine in Philly. We plan on getting a few more done as soon as possible!! We'll have some new vids and photos up soon, too, from the shows we played in the midwest this past weekend... We will continue writing a bunch of new ones as we go, our goal's to write as many as we can as our main focus these next few months, so send your good wishes and vibes through our Facebook and Myspace pages! Well, we'll see you all soon when we hit your area. Looking forward to rockin' it good n hard for ya....til then...new vids coming soon from the road.

Thanks, Philly!

Thanks, Philly! See you Friday? And, Write, Right?

Thanks to EVERYONE - friends, fans, and bands - who came out to our show with Fat City Reprise on Saturday, September 18th. You were, as always, so inspiring and exciting! Love playing to that kind of crowd...and yes...you were THAT kind of crowd. Can't say enough for me and the guys enjoying the show. Now, we are playing one more Philly area show this Friday night in Manayunk for The Philadelphia Film and Music Festival. This is our home city's FIRST F/M Festival and we are proud to be involved in it. This is where we started and have continued to grow...so it's very exciting for us all to be a part of this. Our Milkboy Showcase is scheduled for Friday night, September 24th @ The Grape Room for 8 - 8:30 pm. Hope to see you there! Finally, we are amidst a TON of writing for the new record...so please keep up with us on FB, Twitter, Myspace, etc to see how things progress. Don't forget to sign up for our email list to keep in touch. Hope to see you all soon...Muncie, In and Galion, OH start out our October dates...

SPAC with Bon Jovi and more...

Hey Everyone, First off, thank you SO MUCH for all the encouragement and love you sent our way both before and after our SPAC performance opening for Bon Jovi. We rehearsed hard and we did incredibly well by all reports; it certainly felt great to be up there performing to such a great crowd. It was also a great thing to be able to see our growth from one year to the next, and the support and love of the Bon Jovi organization, especially those guys who have been helping us along...all along! If that performance is the first you've seen of Soraia, please join us on Facebook, Twitter, RVBNTN, and Ourstage to stay up to date on those networks as well, and let us know with a comment what you thought of the performance. You've been asking for video and pics of the night, and we got 'em! Just give us a few days for the photographers to get the photos to us, and some video editing and uploading, and you got it! Stay tuned! There's new merch available! New tee shirts and posters...get them soon...they're actually going pretty fast.... Next, on to demos this week...

March 15th....4 shows left....maybe 5....Tour Homecoming @ The Note

March 15th....4 shows left....maybe 5....Tour Homecoming @ The Note

Well, I realized it's been over two weeks since I last wrote...and since then, I've faced a few of my vocal fears, personal fears...overcome some...and still have more to overcome. We have played a bunch of shows since I last wrote, and although right now I am thinking of resting a bit before tonight's show...I suppose I shall at least fill you in on what's gone on since we last spoke...;) Well, the fear of my voice not holding up for four days in a row was faced and triumphantly overcome! I made it through with full range...took a ton of warming up, but I did it. We're all broke, but it's somehow ok...we've gone out and about in Galveston, TX for a few nights with an unexpected cancellation, so, all great things. We're making our impact in new territories, meeting new people, making new associations...and well....just rockin' out as much and as long as we can. It's pretty great to be able to be on the road...we've been really lucky in that we've had no real car problems, no real controversies...worst problems are really not bad at all. We've seen a few really great bands along the way---and I'm particularly anxious to get back home to get in the studio and finish what we started back in January. Wrote a bit while we've been out here, too...some good stuff came of it...and well...I s'pose that's it! Things are good...the road's been good...and although it's so awesome to be playing most nights of the week, we are happy to get back and see our hometown friends in a week and a half. We have a few more shows in LA, then off to Beaumont, TX for St Patty's Day show, then we play at a ROCKIN PLACE called "Zombies" in San Antonio Friday night then off to Texas Rockfest Saturday night, March 20th at Pure Lounge (free showcase) to end our tour. Heading home after that to do some recording catch-up and do a video. YEAH, THAT's RIGHT...FINALLY. More details on that to come soon...see you soon...and please keep spreading the word and sharing our videos and music with whoever will give you a few minutes ear time. It's what we need from you the most. Homecoming show is Saturday, April 3rd at The Note in West Chester, PA w/Shovelhook, Stygian, and Evolv...can't wait for that, and that'll be it in Philly show-wise for a little while, so make sure to get yourself to that one if you're in the tri-state area. LOVE IT...see you all soon Sue

Tour Blog #2: Some Days Aren't as Easy as Others

You know what? I've been through a lot of things in my life. Honestly, I have. I can tell you without a doubt that this is the hardest thing I've ever done. I would love to say I'm always that confident, strong woman I (usually) am when I walk out on stage, but truth is, right now...not feeling so great. Let me tell you the truth: we are well into week two, and today I am feeling a ton of things I wish I weren't, and a ton of things I want to hide from the rest of the world...which is why I'm going to write about them right now. Today was one of those days when pushing the boulder up the hill was an all-consuming task. Just like I've been told by tattoo artists,"Don't say it didn't hurt"...I'm gonna tell ya, don't let anyone tell you touring in a rock band is easy and fun all the time. It's hard work. Right now, I am tired, physically sick, concerned about my voice, worried that I'll have a decent voice for tomorrow's performance, considering how sick I am with the fact that I have four shows in a row starting Wednesday night, worried that our money is almost gone, worried that when our money's out, no one's going to help us; feeling abandoned, feeling lonely, pissed off, angry, vengeful, lost, scared, and heartbroken. Sometimes, I have such big doubts that I'm overwhelmed by them. I honestly think, "What am I doing wrong? Why am I always broke? Is this how it's supposed to be?"

Today was one of those days where I couldn't wait to get to the room and cry. I know some of you may be saying, "You should be grateful you have people who love you, are working for you, are helping you guys...not everyone has that...." Well, some days, I just don't feel very grateful. Some days I can easily focus on what's wrong instead of what's right. And today was one of those days. I've been touring since 2005...it's been five years, and some days I just don't see the progress.

I am a tour manager. I am an accountant. I am a booking agent. I am a networker. I am a businessperson. The only reason I do any of these things is because I AM A SINGER. I was told a few weeks ago by - at the time - a stranger, that our version of "Jolene" saved someone's life. I HAVE TO SING. I was pulled aside and told how much "Not the Woman" reminded a beautiful young woman of freeing herself from an abusive past and the glory of who she's become and just how much she identified with the lyric. I HAVE TO WRITE. The freedom I see from the stage in people like Buckles, the smiles I see from people like Gypsy, the verbal thumbs up I hear from people that have a hard time expressing emotion: something, SOMETHING we are doing is IMPORTANT. It's so important, it's affecting people's lives, and even on days such as this: THAT truth I cannot dismiss just because I'm sick and exhausted. It's not up to me what the message is and how it's received by anyone. It's not up to me when we'll move to that illusory 'next level' (God knows, I won't even see it when we do). The more I focus on these things, the more I'm disregarding those life-changing comments that made my heart leap. My voice, my experiences, my pain...our music, our playing, our presence, our energy...is making a difference.

I don't care who's against me, I don't care what they say, no one will ever be a worse critic than that judgemental voice I got in my own head. The voice that never goes away no matter how strong I get, no matter how much I overcome, no matter how much I accomplish. Some days it is silenced easily, and others, well...I give in to the temptation of its darkness. I look to the day when I am unwavering in my self-confidence, whether or not that day truly exists for anyone... I don't know. I wil move towards it. Until that day, I'm gonna keep going, realizing that some days I'm unstoppable, and others - well - I'm still learning....

2/27/2010: Winter/Spring 2010 Tour Blog #1 is Here!

I cannot believe it's taken me this long to blog, kids. Sue here, and we've just arrived at midnight in Des Moines, Iowa for our pitstop for the night. Tomorrow we head back out on the road to Topeka, KS...this is the tough part since we stayed pretty well put for about 5 days there in Muncie, Indiana. But Muncie loves us, YES!?!? Let's traverse back to last week when we started this parade. OK, so, we left from our producer Obie's house last Wednesday night at 1 in the morn, February 17th. Our first show was Thursday night in Hamtramck, Michigan, and it was awesome. I wanted to play a place we'd played once before, because they had both of the other local bands cancel that night we played there before, and I just liked the vibe inside and wanted to try again. It was SOOOO much better: we got the other local acts, and we had a fun Thursday night. Won over some new fans, networked a bit, and met two other great bands/great people. Next night began our five night stop in Muncie,IN...and this time, we started with a Suspension Show at Doc's. Now, we've played Doc's a ton since 2007, we've built up a nice following, so with the help of some of our friends over there, we put on a killer event:Suspension all night alongside the music. BEST TIME EVER. Thanks to everyone who helped make that night such a great success, the place was packed, and I wanna give an honorable mention to Subculture, which was the group performing the suspending. Drew is an awesome piercer and tattoo artist, plan on going to him again in April myself, whence we return to play Muncie's Springfest. Anyway, an amazing night, and watch out...cause we'll be doing more shows with them soon. We played Doc's again Saturday night, and then had Sunday night off. The band got pretty sick, except for Dave, since he's immune to Soraia's plagues. Somehow. Anyway, we get to the part that's a little tough, since I never really knew how to handle telling you guys when I knew of his imminent departure, but alas. Joe Francia, who I started the band with pretty much, is no longer in the band. Without getting into personal matters, it was something we tried to make work a little longer, but in the end, just didn't. We, of course, wish him well, we know some of you guys who have been following us a while will miss him, but he's doing fine for sure and you can certainly find him online. Thus, we were 6 and now are 5...the band and our trustworthy A and R guy, loader, friend, confidante, driver, and he wears many other hats, too, Chris. No worries, we are doing great as a four piece, actually spent Tuesday afternoon rehearsing to figure out how to make the sound pretty much the same with one guitar, and the band's in amazing spirits. We played Indianapolis on Wednesday night and Chicago on Thursday night as a four piece, and though it was different, I'd go so far to say it sounded better. Just because we spent so much time working it out and thinking through the parts. Gotta say, everyone is really stepping up to the plate more then before and it's just so good for me to see. I have faith and trust in the people I work with, so now we're just really a more solid group. Anyway, we had a great radio show in Muncie on Monday night, too, which I forgot to mention, but if you don't catch it when we go on there, you really need to listen next time. It's just a great indie show, you'll get a lot of laughs and you can watch online, too, and chat to us all online while we're on air. The Chicago show also aired live online, so keep checking the "Notes" section of our tour itinerary to see what other shows you can catch from anywhere in the world. Alas, I am super tired, kids, but I want you to know we are so grateful to read the comments you are leaving us online on FB, MS, RVBNTN, Ourstage, and on our personal pages. We look forward to them every day. Makes us feel like we're not just doing it ourselves. OK, signing off...g'night all!

To Our Friends and Fans...Throughout the Past Few Years...

Throughout the past few years, I've seen people come and go in and out of our lives. We started all this round about 2004, with shows before, but truly as a united group in late 2004. I have to say, the ones who have made the impact the most on me are yu guys who come out to the shows, support us, love us, tell us when we are growing, tell us when we are doing good, and just come out and be with us for those hours. The impact of your laugh, your smile, your excitement, is unmeasurable. The delight in looking off stage to see a face I haven't seen in a while, always lights up the night for me. Some of you are new to us, some have been around since the beginning, some of you come from far to see us play, and some, well, we're right around the corner. We just never know when and if we'll be seeing you again, and it's something that never really crosses the mind.... The sadness and impact of losing one of those valuable faces is intense. I am sad when I hear of a move, but I am even more saddened when I hear of a death. It's happened a few times, and it never is easy. So, know this if nothing else: we love to see you...whether to support or just to visit, we love to see you. Genuinely, we have been so lucky to have the friends we do, you have believed in us even when we have stumbled. We have had some INCREDIBLE times with you, whether the show was good or bad:) Always know we are so incredibly grateful for you; your presence has changed us. Have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy life, and we'll see you soon!!!

Ewreckt Entertainment Group, LLC
Ewreckt Entertainment Group, LLC  (over 7 years ago)

Well this is such a pleasant read. It's not often a band thanks their fans, even through thick and thin. I have enjoyed your music since a friend turned me on to "Recipe For Disaster". I've gotta say... your talent is delicious, exciting and your band is solid. We enjoy seeing you live more than anything. In addition, I enjoy keeping in touch through networking, listening at home, online, on the bus etc... and meeting other Soraia fans. You made that possible. Being a witness to the growth and friendships we have all made through your band, I say THANK YOU!! You have inspired me on so many levels and I will enjoy your music and artistry forever...Happy Thanksgiving~ CKSEE YOU SOON!!!! ;)

Soraia Artwork Contest........... deadline is November 30th

YOUR ART/CREATIVITY IS NEEDED!! Whether you are a picture taker or a picture maker, whatever medium you use to convey your art: we want it all!!! Here's your chance to create artwork for Soraia's lastest songs, 'Slave for Love' and 'On the Horizon'! Upload your art on Flickr...just go to Soraia Artwork Contest Give a looksie for details and get those creative juices flowing 'cause YOUR design could become the official artwork for the new songs!! Contest deadline is November 30th at midnight. The selected submission will become the official artwork used for the new songs, and will be used on iTunes, Amazon, et al! NOTE: By submitting your artwork you agree to grant Soraia and Nailhead Records the rights to use, duplicate and replicate the submission in any form or fashion as artwork for these singles only. We will include your name on your piece. Thank you, and we're really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. We know a lot of you are artists that come to the shows, hang out with us, and just know us....so...let's network our talents and unite our artistry, kids! **IMPORTANT** For your artwork to be eligible, it must fit the following: * A JPG or GIF file * The image must be a perfect square and at least 1600x1600 pixels * All artwork must be in best-quality RGB Color mode (including black and white images) * All artwork must have a resolution of at least 72 dpi (300 dpi is better

An Important Tour Blog

An Important Tour Blog As I considered the words that had just been spoken to me, I began to cry. I felt a strange soul hurt well up from my stomach into my chest and then to my throat. Particularly where my heart lies, there was an ache. I am still crying here and there. And I'm not going to try and hide it, and I'm not going to think I'm weak because of it, and I'm not going to let that voice win. The voice that is old, the voice from a past that used to speak to me. The one that spoke to me in the flesh at a fold out table in a kitchen in Texas last night. I sat across the table from her, as a guest in her home, as she spoke to me of the immature mistakes I have made and am making, how I wasted money on my career, my immorality, and my need to wipe the old makeup off my eyes. "Do you need eye makeup remover?" she barely moved her lips as she spoke to me. "Does it bother you I am wearing last night's makeup still? I will take it off before I go to bed..." I reply. I really didn't know what to say. I find when I'm faced with people that have this bitter bite in them, they often are extremely adept, though otherwise idiotic, at invading you, getting you to answer things you would never answer, making you doubt yourself and your actions...rethink your statements, and feel foolish. A survival mechanism? I have no clue. I did notice one thing: Her biting sarcasm was always predicated by a genuine caring remark, or a con to get you to think she was interested in sharing with you about her life. Watch out for these people, they wrap their fists in silk before they hit. When they hit, you don't see it coming, and it's a way for them to humiliate along with the hurt. It's also a way for them to get you to doubt your gut instinct if given long enough an opportunity. I will not go into any more detail about the ways I allowed her to steal my dignity for a short period of time. I thank her for the lesson, for the warning, as I'm sure I'll meet many more like her. Dream killers. They're all over. And they prey on the hope-filled. They prey on the ones who have a tender spot for humanity, who want to look for the good in people, because if they can get these people to doubt, then they are justified in their genuine distrust and dislike of themselves and others. Sad but true. I have no empathy for these people. I have no empathy for anyone who hasn't taken a look at what's inside them, what's holding them down, especially when it's their own hand. In my life, I've had to face a lot of darkness, and I'm grateful for it. From that darkness, I have reached a place where I am free to hope, dream, risk, love. I will not ever, and I say this to you with assured confidence from just below the belly area, I will NEVER allow these types near me or my career. It's dangerous not only to me personally, but to the people who love this band and the people who are just like me, or who have or are struggling with the same things I have: the people who most need me to succeed. I love what I do, I love you guys who keep cheering me on, and I'm thankful that I'm tough enough to know how to handle situations like last night. And I'm so grateful for the ones who pick me up when I'm falling, cause sometimes, we believe the lie. It's gonna be a great show tonight!


FALL TOUR BLOG #4 Well, I'm up on a Saturday morning in Houston, TX...and last night's show at Rocbar in Houston was AMAZING. We killed it...but honestly, we've been killing it for a while. So, that being the case...the environment was just as wonderful with movies playing all over their walls and the servers all dressed as pin-up style gals...fishnets and skin...and they were supposed to swing from the ceiling, but we didn't see it. Maybe we shoulda hung out longer. Still, the dj came on after the last band and I was pleasantly surprised to hear the sounds of The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and many many more awesome rock tunes from the 60's thru the 90's...how great was that!?!? Anyway, aside from that, I wanted to quickly tell you the odd things I saw so far on tour...before I forget...and then I must go get me some coffee. I saw a roadrunner on the highway crossing right in front of us on the way to Lubbock, TX from San Angelo....we saw a two-humped camel being transported on an open truck on the highway while in Lubbock, TX last Sunday...and I'm at a loss for anything else yet..but I will remember and then valiantly tell you all I've seen. Interesting times....tonight's show in Tomball, TX at Gary's Spot...we love it there.