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Pre-Orders for our new record....

Pre-Orders for our new record start February 19th at www.Soraia.com

The first fifty pre-orders get the additional bonus of a signed cd from all band members and a downloadable PDF of the Album Cover Art. With each pre-order also comes an instant downloadable track PLUS a bonus unreleased track written by Soraia Mansour, Jon Bon Jovi, and Obie O'Brien.

Our New Record: LISTEN LIVE! & Industry Showcase 1/29 in New York City!

Hey everyone! Listen live right now to 5 of the 10 songs from our new record. You can hear pieces of the new songs here: http://soraia.com/music.cfm We'll have a listening part soon where you'll be able to join us and hear the whole record. Then, hard reles\ase dates are coming! We have a big industry showcase show at The Mercury Lounge in New York City again this Tuesday, January 29th at 8 pm. It's 21+ and $10 at the door, or get your tickets in advance here: http://bandzoogle.com/controlpanel/viewpage.cfm?page=868491

LISTEN to 93.3 WMMR FM in Philly TONIGHT at 6:30!!!!!!!

TODAY AT 6:30 PM EST, LISTEN LIVE to Philadelphia's 93.3 WMMR FM to get your first taste of Soraia's new record on commercial radio! **HELP!** We need your feedback on the album cut Jaxon plays tonight, so please listen in and respond to the track by texting your opinions to 39333 or call in to 215-263-WMMR. Please help us pick our first single!!! New cut every Wednesday in the month of November....

November 2012 "Artist of the Month"

We have been named "Artist of the Month" at 93.3 WMMR FM in Philadelphia for November 2012!!! More info on that coming early this week, so STAY TUNED!

New dates added to tour!

Look at all the new dates we've added in the "Tour" section, just look at it, would ya. Lots of dates coming up, including some all ages in Mount Holly, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. Advance tickets available on most shows. Join us! Shows coming in these areas: Philadelphia, PA Asbury Park, NJ Mount Holly, NJ Westville, NJ New York City, NY...check the "Tour" link for more venue/time details.

See you soon....


Mixing our record started yesterday morning at Sanctuary Sound in Red Bank, NJ! 10 songs filled with passion, pain, grit, grind, and love: what else do you need? I'll keep you updated on here as we go...We have some ideas for artwork for the record going, and the mind melding among us has begun. Looking into some vinyl for you guys, too. It HAS to be, yes, yes?

A blog from ZOUZOU: A Fire Burns in Me....(part 2)

contd... I got an email this morning from a Philadelphia venue that was not the nicest of tones. My producer was trying to secure an important show for us, and the booker not only didn't respond to the actual question we had, but asked, "What is your history in the music marketplace?" What does that mean? How does one answer that question? Well, here's the thing. I love my hometown. I love the music that is the history of my hometown, I grew up here. I love the bands here and the venues and the bookers. I love the radio stations. I love the people. But I've had it with these types of puzzling replies to direct questions. I'm tired of the superficial thinking. You know, I've been laughed at by some bookers when I've asked for gigs in the past. I am definitely angry about it, but believe it or not, I am thankful to them, too. They've given me the strongest backbone and a soul of steel with their laughing at me. THANK YOU. THANK YOU for letting me know you didn't think I was good enough. There's a new song about you on my record. You light the fuse to make every day bigger and better than the last...THANK YOU.

Listen, I've paid my dues and earned a few stripes here and there in my hometown. Soraia has a relevant history...and a relevant future, too. And more than that, I just really want to put on a great show in my hometown. I want a lot of people to come. I want to UStream our show so our fans in Canada, Africa, and Europe can finally see us play when they can't be here in person. It might not be ten million people, but it's enough to turn a whisper to a scream, to quote a good friend:) So can we cut the bullshit, please? .

The past six months have been an incredible ride, and I do believe it will just keep getting better. I've had the joy of writing with songwriters who inspire me: Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Falcon, Obie O'Brien, Travis Smith. THANK YOU. Thank you times a thousand million to these people. I have muses in every single face I see when I play live. THANK YOU. The countless emails, texts, shout out's from radio stations, etc. I have so much love coming to me and I have so much to give. THANK YOU. Life is good. I got love, I got music, I gotta fire burning in my soul, and that's the wolf I'm gonna keep feeding. To the booker who emailed us this morning: Thank you for reminding me who I am. Maybe I got a little complacent with it.... and thank you, truly-without sarcasm- 'cause you put the spit and toughness in my spirit.

Now, I don't want to end this all with a negative sentiment. I love what I do, and I'd take a bullet before I gave it up based on some callous words from a stranger. That being the case, I do want to leave some inspirational words to you that I believe from the very depths of my body, soul, and heart. As always, I send my love and strength to you. This is a great quote from the movie,"The Pursuit of Happyness": "You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period. Never let anyone tell you you can't do something. You gotta dream, protect it...." Love you guys, I really, really do. Until next time, thank you for listening.

A blog from ZOUZOU: A Fire Burns in Me....(part 1)

I want to start this blog with something sent to me by a friend about a year ago now. This is what she said:

"I'm hearing great amazing inspiring things about your journey....this is what you created, have always been and will always be....good for you, kicking ass, taking names.....life takes some fucked up turns, it journeys on and in the end, its what we make it.....what a nice road to pave: rocking, creating, and making people feel things about themselves something they didn't before they heard your sound...."

These are the words that inspire me to continue when I get knocked down. These are the words that tell me this is not just about me and my dream. These are the words that tell me this is about something bigger. And - with a little bit of fear of sounding a little over the top - I'm always reminding myself it's not all about me - this drive inside. It's about giving a voice to my friends who don't have one, or can't find theirs yet. In a way, it's my calling to be a hero for people like me.

I have a very pheonix-rising-out-of-the-ashes kind of story of my life. And I'm proud of it, the good and the bad, for if I didn't go through what I've gone through, then I wouldn't be who I am today. And that's the truth.

I've always had a fire in me for singing, but, I never had the courage to really ignite it until sometime in 2001. And I've been following it ever since. I've had bandmates quit in the nastiest of ways, I've had fellow musicians telling me that everything I achieved was pure "luck", I've been told I get opportunities because I'm a girl and not based on talent or drive, I've had people telling me how much I sucked, people saying I'm never going to get anywhere and "give it up", I've had so many "no's" that half the time I can't even believe I heard a "yes". Haha...ah, the quirks and pains of being ZouZou. But shed no tears for me. Cause I gotta fire in me....

You know. I've come to realize there's a very real phenomena called "big fish, small pond". I'm not trying to be that. My dream is to make great music, timeless music, music that inspires emotion....music that touches people. That's the gift music has given so graciously to me. When I had no words for a triumph or tragedy in my life, music's always come through and said it for and with me. What a gift. I want to do that for someone - a lot of someone's - too.

Update 9/8/11:

9/8/11: Final writing session for our record set for tomorrow and then it's all recording time. Already finsihed rhythm and some guitar tracks on 6 songs. Many extremely talented musicians have lent a playing hand on our record, and songs I've written with Jon Bon Jovi, Obie O'Brien, Billy Falcon, and Travis Smith are all included on this record. So proud of the time, effort, focus, and heart already put into this project. We have added new shows. Look at our "TOUR" link for the newest in NYC (bus trip! One for old times' sake!!!), Philly, and New Castle, Delaware. Our next show is a few sets at West Chester's 32nd Annual Restaurant Festival in West Chester, PA on Sunday September 18, 2011 from 2-5 pm. Hope you guys are all doing well...we keep on truckin'! Hope to see you at a show very soon. After the record's done, we plan on doing plenty more. Our main CD release show will be held in Philly sometime in December. Stay tuned for updates on that ....including information on a live stream for everyone not in the Philadelphia area that loves them some Soraia so you can all be part of the celebration.

New Tumblr page

8/5/2011: Check out our new Tumblr page here: soraiablog.tumblr.com/ We'll be posting a blog sooner rather than later. Working on work tapes of new songs this week. Writing more in September and continuing our work on the record later this month with guitar tracks. More to be revealed in my blog. I will post on here when that's up!