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Tour Blog: Muncie show Friday night and Chicago show last night

Well...one thing for sure...driving to a gig in Chcago 4.5 hours from Muncie and then directly drivng back after....night driving during tour in general...not the greatest thing for the human body. I know that from when we drove two vans...and now our dear Knute does, too:) We got back to Muncie this morning about 4 am after playing a 10 pm show last night at Reggie's Music Joint. Let's fiirst talk about that show since it's fresh in my mind. Sorta. We left Muncie yesterday morning. I had got a new tattoo (which I'm trying to get pics up of it...they should be up later today) Saturday night when we were off. Drew rocks...light touch, and thanks to James for the awesome design...fits me to a T. We headied out with Gypsy , Cody, and James and I got the coolest Left Eye of Horus on my left arm...I love it. Can't wait to get to LA and get some more...now I'm addicted...I felt the shift yesterday everytime I looked at me arm. OK., point of that tangent was we were out til 4 am that night...so sleeping on the bus on the day trip to Chicago was a must. When we got to Chicago it was during their annual South Side Parade in honor of St Patty's Day (which will be a driving day to Austin for us)...so everyone was already out and about at 3 in the afternoon. We decided to all go bowling...and I have to say---none of us bowl consistently at all. Thats' how we became this band of bandits, I suppose. Yeah...first half of first game...all strikes and spares for me then gutter balls. Highly unlikely...but for me...par for course. Yeah. So...back to the bus to get ready for the show after..Reggie's has the coolest music and record store inside it. Talked to the owner Robby and he told me they started as a record store in 88 and kept having in-store's...so they decided to open up Reggie's pretty soon after, tho he said the actual Reggie's didn't come to fruition til much later. Great show we played...fun times as usual...the crowd dug it which is always a good thing;) Now, Friday night's Muncie show...I don't know what it was...maybe just a few key people in the audience or the enrgy of the room mixed with the best stage---but it truly rocked...and all the people who I talked to after were sayting it was the best Soraia show they'd ever seen. I dunno. I know I was a lot more lost in the moment myself...very little internal dialogue during that show at all...just lost and feeling so alive with energy---my body just wouldn't get tired. Alas, I wish for way more of these shows...I think as an artist you're always in conflict with that reason/reality/practicality/social side of you. I think being human is to be in that conflict, really. all the time...I think sometimes we're just more conscious of it than other times, and people have different theories on it...like it keeps you safe to not indulge in some of those more instinctual drives. But before I go too off here. I'm all about the instinct right now. I love the feeling of it...the pump..the drive...the freedom of it and I'm not scared of overindulgence at all. I know that's so super general and I may just have lost you, but something about this tour is just changing me and I love it. ..Every day is new and we're going to be leaving the comfort of some of the places we've done well in for the uncomfort of winning over new audiences...hoping there are big new audiences, too;) It's not so terrifying as much as edgy now. It must be my new tattoo. Be in touch soon with more updates from the road:)

First Four Shows on da Road...I Like Me...Nailhead Records

OK, so....here's the thing. When we toured before...we did it in a rented van...with the help of our sixth band member in true fashion Chris...and smushed together, headed off into the wild blue sunset. Not so, this time,. This time...we are newly signed to indie label NailHead Records, with great tour support, our very own road manager, Knute, and our very own RV featuring the luxury of space never accommodated us before. SO, you know something was too good with that picture, right? Well...wrong...alas...there have been some bumps along woith the transition though. The RV wasn't quite ready in time for our Grove City show, so we car-ed it up there and then headed home the same night. A total of 10 hours roundtrip, but part of what you gotta do if you love the thing you do. SO, much to our dismay, the RV's alternator took a shit late Sunday night, so instead of canceling any shows, we decided to drive the past few shows...to Pittsburgh and Columbus...and the RV...thanks be to the universe and all its glory above, but really thanks to the hard work and dedication of Obie (our producer), Denise, Dwayne, John, Knute, and Lex...alomg a bunch of others who lent a hand on the vehicle...is currently, at 420 pm EST...on it's way to us, and so is our new friend and tour manager, Knute. Ahhhhh, we say. Now, to the shows thus far. We've played nothing but new places with new bands...including Grove City College in Grove City, PA...then to Pittsburgh, PA...then off to Columbus, OH which was last night's show. We are playing a new song that's not quite finished yet, but it rocks nonetheless...and a new cover, the Joe Cocker version of "With a Little Help from Me Friends"...as he says. So, so far, all new cities...new venues...new faces...new places. And although we love the challenge of the new places and faces...there's nothing like heading back to where you know they'll love ya...which is the shows we have coming up: Athens, OH; Muncie, IN; Chicago, IL. The road's been good so far...startin to get into the groove...so...ready for what's to come. Learning A LOT, and my voice is staying killer, which is a real joy for me. I've learned already how to take care of it and be healthier and happier no matter what the situation or if there's outside problems that come up. Gotta keep your eye on the prize...and that's all she's writing. I'll write again soon....until then...