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Extra Thanks to Jaxon, Pierre, and Markus at WMMR!

Extra Thanks to Jaxon, Pierre, and Markus at WMMR!

Hey Everyone! We want to send out an extra special thank you to Pierre, Jaxon, and Markus over at 93.3 WMMR FM Philadelphia, Everything that Rocks, for pushing our Project H.O.M.E. Benefit so hard, and also to Jaxon for spinning "Runaround" on air yesterday. You can listen to his intro and the song here Also, don't forget!, our last show of the year is this Friday, December 10th, our FIFTH PROJECT HOME EVENT. Can't wait! It's 21+, $10 at the door, and all proceeds go to Project HOME. That means your door cost, and if you buy a raffle to win the guitar Kobbie is pinstriping, all that we give to help Project HOME address the homelessness issue in our city. So, join us, Pierre Robert from WMMR who is our host with the most for the evening, Kobbie, Santa, Sinners Saints, Bong Hits for Jesus, and The Better Half, and many, many more for an enchanting, rockin', reelin', lover stealin' evening. See you then!

Discount Tickets for December 10th PLUS a FREE TEE

Discount Tickets for December 10th PLUS a FREE TEE

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays from Soraia here...we wanted to let you know we got ourselves a good old-fashioned tee shirt giveaway going on HERE. If you're planning on hitting our Project HOME show w/Sinners Saints, Bong Hits for Jesus, and The Better Half on Friday, December 10th, you can buy advance tickets for $2 off the door cost from our site - AND - if you order them before Sunday, December 5th, we'll throw in a FREE Soraia Tee for ya!

All you gotta do is hit our "STORE" link and you can order the ticket(s) there. There will be a $2 S&H fee for all orders. You can purchase as many tickets as you like, but limit one tee per order while supplies last...just in time for the holidays, kiddies! All door proceeds from the December 10th show go to Project H.O.M.E. Thanks to all the amazing bands in advance for donating their time and talent.

Thanks everyone, and we'll see you on the 10th!

Opening for Bon Jovi on March 2nd in Philadelphia

Opening for Bon Jovi on March 2nd in Philadelphia!

You heard it...on March 2, 2011, we will open for Bon Jovi, Billboard's top touring and drawing act for 2010, in our hometown of Philadelphia, PA. We are excited, and it's even Jon's birthday, so it's gonna be an extra special Philly night!

We are honored and grateful for the Bon Jovi team's consistent support of our band. They are truly amazing people.

So, if you have watched and supported our band - for a few years now or only recently - we want YOU to help us celebrate by sharing the night with us and Bon Jovi! Big things on the horizon for Soraia!

Here's where to get your tickets (c'mon....support your hometown team!!!): http://www.wellsfargocenterphilly.com/event-details.aspx?e=10114

Soraia Plays Whiskey-a-Go-Go Saturday Night

Soraia Plays Whiskey-a-Go-Go Saturday Night

Tomorrow night: Saturday, November 13th, we're playing the world famous Whiskey-a-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA! We're excited and gonna try and get as much video of the performance as we can. We play from 10 to 10:30 pm. Tickets available at the door for this event.

We've been getting some writing done in our off time, and it's been a great California adventure so far.

When we return home to Philly, we have three shows the week of November 20th; two for Philly and one fro Maryland on Thanksgiving Eve. Check our recently updated TOUR schedule for all shows. See you all soon!

TONIGHT: Come See Us at "Howl at the Moon"!

TONIGHT: Wednesday, 11/10/10, we've been invited by Rainbow Vic and friends to jump onstage to play a few songs at "Howl at the Moon" around 11 pm...come out to see us in Universal City, CA! We'll be there all night afterwards, to be sure....get your FREE tickets for the Whiskey-a-Go-Go show from one of us tonight, too! So far...a great time in California!

A Sunny Day in California Brings to Light Some Forgotten Ideas....pt 2

contd... Sometimes - I admit - I get caught up in the "what are they all saying/thinking about me" game. It's a lose-lose situation, and it's really none of my business what anyone thinks about me. My job is to persevere beyond the demons of my own mind, not let anyone who isn't there to encourage, inspire, and be free into my doors, and to follow my dreams no matter what my fears, worries, concerns, or thoughts are. A dream chooses you. And you follow into whatever heartbreaks and joys lie ahead, and believe me, already there;s been plenty of both. What a ride. I wouldnt' have life any other way, and I sure hope you wouldn't either. So, go out and enjoy the day....see all the things it has to offer you...put off the negative thoughts...believe and be happy whenever and wherever you can. Go see the world. Go meet new people. That's all I got for today:) I'll be blogging more often.

A Sunny Day in California Brings to Light Some Forgotten Ideas....

A Sunny Day in California Brings to Light Some Forgotten Ideas.... pt 1

Well, I gotta tell ya, it's been quite a while since I blogged. And I suppose the reason for that may partially be a busy schedule, and priorities of career and songwriting. But I find - as now I've had a couple days to just be somewhere I'm not familiar - I realize how much of life is spent in running around, in worry, and in fear. Old habits die hard. A lifetime of worrying about things: grades, whether or not people will like me, hate me, how I'll deal when things go wrong. A lifetime of preparing for disappointment and "the worst"....popular social sayings. And now, even more reason as it seems the popular concensus goes. Worry about the economy, worry about the future, retirement.....WHAT?!?!? REALLY??? I've never had those worries. Not that I'm above them, I just don't think about that stuff. Some would say I'm a fool. Immature. Trying to stay a kid. I say follow your heart and your dreams and you'll never have a real day of fear in your life. I'm finding the more you dive in, the less afraid you become. This all comes from a conversation I had at The Dark Room in Los Angles late last night. I sat around the table with good friends, more importantly, good people, who feel the same as me. At one point, Adam said,"I say be terrified to lose the person you're with, or why are you with them? Never be comfortable, never be satisfied..." He said a lot more, as did the rest of the guys at the table, but what a relief to hear that kind of thinking in a society that has such an addiction to fear and worry. I used to spend every day getting up worried that I wasn't going to get through the day. Break that down. I was worried what the day would bring. WOW. How many moments, that turn into days, that turn into months, that turn into years, did I spend feeling that way? Afraid of a brand new day??? I spent a lot fo time feeling that way. Too much time. Sometimes I get caught up in the technicalities of making my goals happen, that I don't realize I even accomplished some of them. I get caught up in the boring stuff. And before you know it, a trip to play some shows in California becomes a hassle instead of an adventure - and I never even realize whether or not I enjoyed the experience. Not this time. I'm enjoying every second. I can't believe I'm here and we're going to play a bunch of great shows at great venues and I love the people I'm doing it with. That's pretty great. There's two main fears in this world: the fear of losing what you got, and the fear of not getting what you want. This was taught to me a few years ago now by an incredibly wonderful human being trying to get me in touch with these things. Truth is, I still act out of fear. But my goal is to make that less and less often. And it has occurred. Every year I can look back to the year before's worries of the time and realize, I'm not there anymore. What a relief to see your own breaking free. What a relief to have people in your life that don't want you to feel that way. What a joy to realize you attracted that to yourself by a desire for better things. contd...

Los Angeles, Here We Come!!

Los Angeles, Here We Come!!!

Well, thanks to everyone who came out on Mischief Night to our Monster Mash Event at The Note, it was a BLAST. Now, we head back out west to see our friends in California for some shows in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and maybe even a stop in San Diego. We'll be playing shows from November 5th through the 13th, so please check the "TOUR" link above for any dates we already have set, as well as any we may add as we go along. We're excited especially for our shows at The Key Club with Steel Panther on Monday, November 8th (we have HALF PRICE tickets to this event starting this Wednesday, so please contact any one of us if you'd like a few). We're also playing the Whiskey-a-Go-Go on Saturday night, November 13th. Tickets available for the online special of two-for-one only until this Monday night, November first. We'll see you out west! Then, we come back home to a few shows ending with our annual Project HOME Benefit held at The Note this year on December 10th. We'll also continue writing and recording so check out our new material as we go. See you all soon!

Guitar Sponsor for Los Angeles Dates: 11/3 - 11/16

Hey Everyone! We're hitting the west coast yet again, playing four dates thus far, and maybe a few more between November 3rd and November 16th. We have Monday night, November 8th at Key Club w/Steel Panther...we play downstairs from 12:30 am thru 1:55 am, and we also are playing Whiskey-a-Go-Go on Saturday, November 13th at 10 pm. We will have tickets for both shows up starting Monday, October 25th in our "Store" link on this site. Both shows have half price tickets if you get them in advance, and we are only selling them through our website from October 25 - November 1st. Don't forget about our big sendoff show and Mischief Night Monster Mash at The Note in West Chester Saturday night, October 30th. You can dress it up, or not, but it will definitely be a spooky, freaky, terrifyingly good time! *65 Amps* is sponsoring Adam Bret on guitar for our LA tour dates! Check 'em out!

Still Writing/ Mischief Night in W.C. then LA!

Hey all! We are still amidst heavy writing and demoing right now, which is what we wanted to do with most of the rest of the year as it is. We are going in this Thursday to record another, then we have our next Philadelphia area show in West Chester, PA at The Note on Saturday night, October 30th: our Mischief Night MONSTER MASH! Please do come and wear a costume if the mood suits you. We'll be wearing some, and we'll have our good friend and pinstriper extraordinaire with us, Kobbie. He'll be here with his well-known hearse in tow, and he'll be pinstriping small items for you, including but not limited to shoes, purses, cigarette boxes, etc. He'll also have a few items at our merch table as well as his photo albums of all his work. So be sure to check out his "rock n roll for the eyes" when you get to the club that night. Right after our Mischief Night show, we head back out to Los Angeles on November 2nd, startinga run of shows from Friday, November 5th at O'Brien's and including playing after Steel Panther at The Key Club and ending at the Whiskey-a-go-go on Saturday, November 13th. We are posting tickets for the Whiskey and Steel Panther shows next week, so get them then! Hope all's well in your world everyone, and we'll catch up with you again next week to let you know how it all goes!