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FALL TOUR BLOG #3: I awake in Bryan, TX this morning with a firmer commitment---if that's even possible--to what I do and to the shows we are doing. We are already on fire...but I feel a smoldering inferno tornado coming on. We've been truly lucky that we haven't met too many misfortunes with all our times on the road...rarely missed a show and practically no problems ever. Knowing this, we realize that we are in the greatest career in the world....doing the greatest thing in the world. The boys and I are excited....ecstatic...and ready to go. See you tonight, Houston! Rocbar looks like our kinda place....

Fall Tour Blog #2...

FALL TOUR BLOG #2: Well, I'm so mad and frustrated right now. So, I shall blog. I understand this happens a lot, but honestly, this is the first I remember this happening to us on the road. There's plenty of things that come up to throw you off your square when you get out here. First, there's the lack of money, or maybe a lack of a place to stay...but somehow--that always works out. We've been pretty fortunate in those areas, but not always...and it's tough keeping track of your budget and knowing what you can spend when you're not sure what you're going to make from night to night. Tonight, we are low on cash, have been off a lot this week, more than we've wanted to be (as the whole thing about touring for us is getting as many people as you can to find out about and consequently LOVE your band), and found out when we got to Bryan, TX that we were not--in fact---booked for tonight, but rather for tomorrow night, when we already have a show. You must understand, if this was just one show, we'd be upset, but likely understand, look for another show in the area, then chalk it up to a night. However, we also don't have shows yet booked for next week before next friday, which made me...for the first time ever...almost ready to pack it in and head home. I was truly worried about our financials from this Saturday night to next friday night with no shows on the horizon. Now, why no shows? Well, normally I book all our show dates so I know and have confirmation before we take off anywhere that we're all set. Thing is, we have booking agent opp's this time around, and since I've been busier than ever at home, I figured, let's try this. After I talked to the booking agent and the club owner....we realized there's nothing more that we can do about tonight...but we are all set for the weekends' shows. I've come to the decision-- with the help of some people I trust and who know how I fly off the handle when I feel the band's business isn't being handled well--that we are out here...we are meant to tour like banshees...so that's-a-what-a-we're-a-gonna-do. We are gonna make these things work, keep PMA, and push harder and are so ready for the shows coming up. Some of the frustrations of the road are inevitable: mis-communications with bookers and venues, maybe your equipment gets stolen (ah, how I remember 2005), you arrive too late for your set or the vehicle breaks down, you are too ambitious with your touring schedule or book shows way way way too far apart in too close a time frame...the list goes on. One thing for sure, nothing more heartbreaking than not doing what you know you're supposed to be doing because of one of these things. For a band to go on the road...it ain't all glory. In fact, the glory's when you get on the stage and rock the audience. It takes a lot of heart to keep fighting and forging ahead and keeping PMA when things go wrong. It's one of the toughest things in the world for me. But when we get the responses like we've been getting, especially this time around, well, you can't complain. You just are grateful for the opportunities and even more grateful for the great shows. Until next time, kids...


Ok, kids, honestly, been so busy keeping the sites up to date with new pics and getting new tour dates...AND trying to catch up on laundry/personal hygiene/food intake whilst on the road...I'm gonna keep this real shorty short. It's been more of an adventure than ever before...the best time by far than ever before...and the best energy from the kids than ever before. Me and the guys are having the time of our lives...been playing a hectic schedule---so far in a week and a half have had one full day off...which is today..and the other two days we didn't play were heavy duty travel days. Right now we're in Texas...and wow...last night's Lubbock show and Friday's San Angelo show were really awesome...it's such a thrill to keep meeting new people and people we have only known thus far online. We love you guys...and we love the opportunity to be on the road. You gotts understand, once you're out here---it's tough to head back, though we miss everyone at home so much...I think I speak for all of us when I say that having the chance to play our music in front of new people and having them respond the way they've been responding...it's a dream come true for sure. It's a thrill. Like the kind you may find on Blueberry Hill even. Well, so far we've been to Jamestown, NY; Athens, OH; Muncie, IN; San Angelo, TX; Lubbock, TX...and on to Dallas area tomorrow. We still gots us plenty o' tour in front of us...so I bid you a fond farewell until we meet again. But just to let you know back at home and for all those of you tuning in to see how we're doing, whether it be on Myspace, FB, Reverbnation, Ourstage...whichever....we're winning them all over one fan at a time, kids! Thanks for caring about us and sending the love while we're out...it means more than you may know. Very inspiring all of you...SEE YOU ALL ON THE ROAD! When I have a few more minutes...I'll be giving a more detailed account of big adventures and each show...including my first roadrunner experience near Spring City, TX!!! Now, on to one more huge, dead, winged bug on our windshield....

NEW REVIEW!! Written by Anthony Kuzminski

http://the-screen-door.blogspot.com/ The Screen Door..with Anthony Kuzminski Source: the-screen-door.blogspot.com Both nights found the band in an unyielding groove, chock full of brazen self-assurance. It makes no difference whether it’s 230 people or 23,000, the band came to rock and it was apparent on both nights.....

BIG NEWS! Opening for Bon Jovi at Summerfest

Well, it's true. We're opening the opening night of Summerfest 2009 in Milwaukee on Thursday, June 25th:) We are all so excited...and ready! Tickets are almost gone for this event at the Marcus Amphitheater... it will sell out very soon, so if you want to see your Soraia fiends starting off with a bang...get 'em while you still can. These Bon Jovi fellas have a knack for selling out 23,000 seat arenas like no one's business. See you in June--- lookout for us on our way to Summerfest in the following places: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin! Love love love.

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, Gary's in Houston and Good Ol' Louisiana

My ooooooh MY!!! It's certainly been an adventure since we've last been in touch with y'all...and I mean y'all because we've been in the South for a little while now. It's funny how time passes when you're traveling and playing...no sense of where we were last night and this blog becomes an exercise in memory more than a recollection....it's been a wild spin, kiddies! Well, since leaving the sweet relaxation of Galveston beach, we headed to Bottomless Beer Tuesdays at Gary's Spot in Tomball, TX. Let me tell you what...I'll be the first to admit I thought "Tomball..?Gary's Spot...? It's probably in a strip shopping center and has the smallest stage and live music is secondary---or worse...". Boy, when I'm wrong...I'm so wrong. Well, not completely....they were in a strip shpg center...but the stage and Gary's were HUGE. The lighting and sound was definitely the best quality of a venue for original bands that's just shy of medium-sized...and what a night we had...and played with a great band called Paris Green, too. The great thing is Gary runs his place like a real live music venue...by that I mean he starts the music part of the evening by having everyone stand, hand on heart, for our national Anthem. He tells all the rules since it's an 18+ venue...just tells you to have fun and behave. Then they turn the lights down on stage and introduce the band...it was AWESOME! We sold the most cd's thus far at this venue and we are DEFINITELY going back in the fall for another round there...great venue---great booker...best times. On the way from Tomball to New Orleans...we were stopped for a bit in Louisiana...the policeman brought a drug-sniffing dog on the bus...and though we stood on the side of the highway for a bit...it didn't seem odd in the least that this occurred. Why? I have no idea...but it seemed representative of what's supposed to happen...so there it is...drug-sniffing dog in the bus...no problems...on to the show!!!! Wednesday we played New Orleans...a cool red house place that so fits the cover of our "Shed the Skin", a place called Circle Bar..it was like playing in your grandpa Vampire's swampy living room. THE BEST...and the kids got WILD...and we got to play "Bloodletting" and sing the part about New Orleans...I've been waiting to do that song in New Orleans for a while--and it was mad dirty, sexy, tough, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was a good show. Soooooo gooooooood. We got on a last minute show to Baton Rouge last night...where unbeknownst to us there were tornado watches all over the place. I've decided there's nothing better than a sweaty rock show in the mouth of a huge thunderstorm at midnight in Baton Rouge at Chelsea's Cafe. A thunderstorm to top all thunderstorms. It was just badass. So, to sum up--we have gotten ourselves a taste of good ole Louisiana....drove through the best thunderstorm to get back to New Orleans from Baton Rouge, and are taking today off and getting ourselves to Birmingham, AL for a show tomorrow with our friends Selling Mary. NEWS: We are heding back to the east coast after Saturday's show for a huge opportunity that has reared it's head at us...we are fingers-crossed and focusing on its fruition...but we'll be back for about a week before finishing our tour up the second two weeks of April. Thus, we are missing our Colorado area and Los Angeles area shows, very unfortunately...we really wanted to head out there--..but...alas...opportunity knocks once in a while and we are answering the door. In partnership with NailHead we have made the decision...and though we have a driving need to continue on...we shall prepare for the best and get back on the horse in a week and a half. I'll blog more after Birmingham, post some new pics, and get up some new vids to Soraia.com for you guys at some point quite soon:) Sue

San Antonio TX, Houston TX, and on to Galveston Pt.2

We got a few last minute shows for last Friday in Austin and San Antonio, and got to meet a couple really great, cool bands (The Black Doves from San Antonio and Inside Lights from Dallas). We had a particularly vunderbar time Friday night at Soho Club...what a stage and Steve from Black Doves hooked us up real good last minute with that show. There's some great people you meet who are willing to do anything to help a touring band out, and Steve was definitely one of those people. Before heading out to the next city, Knute took us all out for some Texas Barbeque....yuuuuuummy. On to Houston, a three and a half hour trek to perform Saturday night at Crazy Frog's. WHAT A GREAT STAGE! The band had great sound that night...Knute told us it was the best performance he's seen to date...so that's soooo inspiring. PLUS, I took initiative and decided to go person to person to get some cd's sold...and that worked absolutely splendidly, I must say...thank you. I had also met a woman Saturday night who spoke to me about being a bartender at Crazy Frog's about 30 years prior...she said she grew up in the 60's and 70's and loved what our band was about and the spirit we brought to the stage that night. She continued on to speak of a singer she had known then that used to play there and told me I reminded her of that girl. The story doesn't end so good: drugs got in the singer's way...and she's no longer around. This woman had tears in her eyes when recalling those times, and then handed me 20 because, she said, "I want you to continue to pursue your dream. You got it..and don't let anything get in your way." The people we have met...and the stories I have heard on this time around alone...my life changes every day for the better...always learning...always listening...always trying to absorb these times as they come and go. After taking off from our Saturday night show at Crazy Frog's...we slept in the bus and headed straight for Galveston, TX for our couple days off...Knute thought it's be a great place for the band to hang. I woke up Sunday morning and lifted the blinds to see nothing but sand and water for miles:) HAPPY ME!!! THE BEACH IN MARCH!!! Probably the best place I've woken up ever...hands down. Honestly, I've never slept on the beach before that I can remember...so this was wow. So yesterday just took some time hanging at the beach and on the rocks looking at the water and breathing it all in. Today...feeling a little under the weather but going to go with the flow, take a walk on the beach and do some writing. It's off to West Houston tomorrow night and then to New Orleans and Birmingham, AL. Until next time kids...enjoy all the moments...breathe 'em in...and let yourself dream. Sue's Tour Playlist: Thunderstruck- AC/DC Fairies Wear Boots- Black Sabbath Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon Magic Man- Heart Barracuda- Heart Look Away- Chicago Funk 49- James Gang Sue's Tour Watches: Woodstock footage (esp, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix) Spinal Tap Melissa Cross- The Zen of Screaming Parts 1 and 2 Almost Famous

San Antonio TX, Houston TX, and on to Galveston, Pt.1

I'm doing all I can to break free of comfort zones. Change is change. I started tour I guess almost three weeks ago now...and have realized an abundance of things about me and about the band Soraia. First, I'm starting to let go of those expectations I placed on myself...the rules. There really aren't any except to be happy and excited about life and what you do with it. Now this applies to the band too. I had all these "We're supposed to be (whatever)..." "We should be (whatever)..." and really...we're right where we need to be. I always have wanted more and never been afraid of the work it takes to get somewhere. My fear has been that I'd be working too hard and not be able to see and break out of patterns that aren't helping the band's progress. Truth is, I keep getting helped by people who break me out of those patterns and I'm not as guarded as I used to be in accepting help. The thing about being on tour is you're out of what's comfortable and into what's unexpected and different. Keeps you on edge and gets you on edge if you let it. I love impressing new people...I love showing them what this band's got cause I think it's magic. You can't buy that, you can't manufacture that, you can't fake that. We're lucky enough to be a group of eclectic, unpretentious people that somehow get along. An oddity. A rarity. On this tour, we've begun preparing pre-show to get up on that stage as a group, and it's become real important, real fast...

Confusion sets in...We're in Austin! Pt.2

OK...here's my list...and I'll blog more later...working on getting a Friday night show in San Antonio now---fingers crossed that one opp breaks for your fair Soraia gang. What I've Learned on Tour So Far (this time around)... (1) Being in the bus driving at night into the day throws off your internal clock like nothing else can---try to cling to any routine possible to keep the mind strong (2) Sleeping in the back of the bus...you are in for an adventure....BOUNCY BOUNCY. (3) Going with the flow at shows and having no expectations will leave you pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed when playing any venue. (4) There's always something positive to take out of a seemingly all around bad show. Even if attendance is sparse, that's an opp to work on any aspect of the performance...try something you may not do in front of a larger audience. See how it feels. If the show is in a not so worthwhile, or non-genre fitting venue...see if you can win over the audience with charisma and magic. And every night get on that stage with the fire in your belly like the first time you picked up your instrument and realized you could do this forever. No matter what the situation. (4) You are working on tour,..this is not the time to party like a rock star and lose focus or be hungover for the next performance. Your JOB is to be a musician and an entertainer...and you must be YOU to do these things. (5) Huddle with your bandmates before every show...it's very inspiring and focuses and unites your team. (6) Love every moment of what you're doing, cause even if you have a moment of doubt, you know thousands of people would love to be doing this, and you worked hard to get here. Never forget your goal...visualize and commit. (7) Never rip off the audience. They can tell when you're phoning it in and when you're not in the moment. Very damaging to your own attitude as you do this more and more. (8) Don't eat meat if you're a singer before a show...your body's so busy digesting(takes 24 hours to fully digest meats...maybe more), you can't find the air to breathe much less sing with. This can lead to vocal damage if you end up pushing to much over time....which leads me to.. (9) Never push if you're a vocalist. NEVER PUSH. If you can't hear yourself, I highly suggest getting the swimmer's ear type earplugs...use in one ear...for me...helps me hear myself enough to know I don't have to push...when you can't hear yourself, you tend to try to sing OVER the band. This is no good, esp if there's a sound guy who really doesn't know his craft, you may be in situations where you just can't hear the vocal. Pushing causes the body to tense, which restricts air, which makes you push harder. Longevity of this approach will lead to vocal issues. Truuuust me. (10) Every night if you can..or morning, write a list of things you learned the night before...like when we did the radio interview, we learned that Windows Media Player used the old track listing for "Shed the Skin" which caused problems when trying to play the right song on air. We have to fix that...but if there's no time on the road...then gotta do it when you get home...and write down on this list any venues or names of people in bands or any info you get from people you've met that night. Over the long haul---these valuable pieces of info will get lost if oyou're unorganized. If you have a blackberry...use it..I'm more of a pen and paper gal myself;) (11) Work hard to play as often as possible and get plenty of rest whenever you can. You are doing the job of an athlete...you need stamina and a clear mind. (12) Never stop being hungry for more.... Talk soon! Sue

Confusion sets in...We're in Austin Pt.1

Gotta say---I honestly cannot remember when I last blogged for tour---though I think it was Monday.....??? Help, please? The drive Monday night to Austin...well..it was looooong. Now, you may say my tour routing is kinda screwy...but I honestly wanted to book this tour around SXSW, so, that's why the long drive. New thing...try not to drive during the night...and try to get sleep as unified as possible. I have more "Things I've Learned on Tour (this time around)" just below coming in a minute...if I don't forget to write 'em up. Well, Monday night's show at Doc's was awesome...which was expected to be a great show. Thanks everyone who came out on a Monday night to support...the radio interview was fun...we had a Spinal Tap moment with trying to actually play the right song we introduced on air..but alas...in the end ---we actually did finally get "Not the Woman" on there already. That'll be addressed below in our list, too. After Doc's on Monday...I got to talk to Drew who did my tat last weekend....and I asked him what he thought of another idea...so he's gonna get back to me on that..I'm excited to see what he comes up with...he already had a great idea using the front cover of "Shed the Skin"..as soon as he gets it on his friend I'm gonna post it to the sites. We all went back and took a shower before hitting the road for Austin...and that's where things started to get backed up for me. I'm not sure if I'm tired or just stage hungover, or I'm just surprised by suddenly warm weather coming from cold...but I'm a little off I gotta admit. Waking up tired in Austin this morn....did two shows yesterday--one in the afternoon and one last night---that mighta done it...I dunno, tho. Trying to evaluate since this is my career and I gotta be aware of what my boduy needs since that houses my instrument...gotta take care of the instrument!!!