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wasted away

check out the song wasted away I kinda produced with my words and melody http://www.reverbnation.com/morningdinnergroup/songs

texas bound

in just under a week we move the whole thing to Austin in hopes of big things we have a management system in place ...they are sure of success we are glad to be a part of something worthwhile and a future ....Me personally I am jazzed about the whole thing ...would like to thank the Nashville crew for giving me a push in the direction I needed to go.. MDG has lost a few over the past years be it from just going our separate ways to untimely passing like my brother and our third bass player Bryan Teague who we miss.... MDG will be doing more recording soon this year I think but I can assure you this will be the best music I have ever laid down all the songs have def energy about them we look forward to letting you guys hear them .... see you soon for sure ....Thanks from MDG

from bad 2 good

after much toil an trouble it look as though MDG has some mighty fine prospects coming down this year the band is ready to hit the ground running. So get ready 2014,cause we ready for U....

a tale of one city.... well maybe two

looks like I am going to check out a couple of states ...colorado in mid may... austin texas first of june....,gonna relocate for a year or two....i have a hunch that i will be where it looks like the most advancement is poss.... so whereever that take me so be it.......I shall see you be looking out fer me........Oh .Yeah .....Rock on ....

new dawn

since the loss of our bass player this past dec I have decided to shake things up and look for new avenues anywhere I can ..I am looking for a new bass player, or organ player. or will relocate just looking to be a working music smith..You can get back with me here if interested..... mark

death in the family

our good buddy and bass player has died in his sleep this past weekend I am heartbroken and full of sadness everyone in the band is in a fog. It was so sudden..All i can say is that the 3 an a half years we played together it was a blast an the ten or twelve years that i knew him was an honor...Thank you my good freind for a wonderful time..

cd release party

we have lots of cool stuff going on right now so come on out for the 20th of this month at the wonderful Nu Way here in spartanburg... we will be blog casting so if you can not make it watch on your computer... ..Don't forget we go live on I tunes with the whole album that same day... Be sure to go out an get it

new album here

the new album advance run is out soon to be put on i tunes , amason, ect we hope you like it more info to come....