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Her - Poetry by David Gamble

She knows when I am in need of company and she gives me that in myself. She opens my eyes to the beauty right before them giving me a state of ease I never had until we met. She erases the trouble of circumstance and reveals the life hidden under a thick layer of problems. She speaks to me often saying “…it’s not so bad; look around you. U have all u need given to you by God; A gift both simple and complex. Earth. From the air you breathe to the beauty outside your window. You just lay back and let it embrace you.” Her words mellow me. She introduces me to beautiful music and delicious tastes. She makes my senses come alive. I truly thank God for the gift of Her in my life.

I Hope She Knows - Poetry by David Gamble

I hope she knows that I would leap tall buildings in a single bound if I ever found a way to become her only one. I hope she knows that I would slay a dragon and drag him to the center of some medieval town square to let her know that no one would ever care the way I would. If she could share with me her inner fears and outer insecurities, Man, I swear I would kill a giant with a rock and a sling shot. If u only knew what this lady did to me, make me wanna sing a ballet and write a sonnet at the same time; with rhyme and syntax. I’m just stating facts, man, she is Gods gift to me. The day she sees that with me she can be easy and free and allow me to introduce her to love she hasn’t seen in her wildest of dreams would be the day she wouldn’t need to occupy her time with any other brotha. Forsaking all others. She’ll call her brother and her mother and tell them how no other man could ever compare to me. Man, each day the love I have for her grows; damn, I hope she knows. -David Gamble Sep 1, 2010

A Man - Poetry by David Gamble

Rain is falling, the days fly by. My strength is fading and I don't know why. Forbidden to cry for I am a man. Many friends I love are no longer here. Mourning a loss with a reason unclear. Unable to shed a tear for I am a man. Repeatedly slapped in the face by life. I give nothing but love and get nothing but strife. Emotions unshown for I am a man. Today I broke down like I knew I one day would. Couldn't hold it in as well as I though I could. And I sat and wept for I'm only a man. David Gamble 2/22/09

Weekend Love - Poetry by David Gamble

With Monday soon to come and Sunday at an end, I hope these hours are enough for a broken heart to mend. From friends to lovers and from lovers back to friends. I hope you understand to message I attempt to send. Unable to return to you the feelings you demand, but you are not my woman and I am not your man. We both know that the love we made was noting short of grand but it was just a weekend love. I hope you understand.

My Heart - Poetry by David Gamble

Stop! Slow down and let me deal with one heartache at a time. My head aches, my stomach turns, my heart bleeds. The bleeding of my heart is like the tears that I cry on the inside. When you decide to walk away, don't look back. Or do you wish to view these tears first hand? Give me a moment to compose myself. Every part of me is glad to see you leave. Every part except my heart. -David Gamble 8/16/05

Sunshine and Rain - Poetry by David Gamble

I feel upon my face, the loving warm embrace of the sunshine that illuminates. Illuminating my love, my heart, my whole situation. Hopefully tonight we'll engage in fornacation. Then I get the letter that you've met someone better. Mabye better looking or smarter than I. So thats enough to make you through our love aside. Then the sunshine fades into a hard rain, but the showers arn't enough to hide my pain. And the rain falls upon my face but my tears are to strong to be replaced. -David Gamble 8/24/04