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Just Thrown together (pt. 2)

4. Your Veins Written and Recorded out side of Wicker Park in Chicago, Garageband program once again and same cheap guitar but this time i used an all red modded 88' Fender Super 60, midway on the overdrive. Done in one take, and deals with cold hearted insecure women, and my weakness for it, but i'm learning lessons... i promise... i think. 5. Well-Salted Liar version 1 Written and Recorded same place as the last, same program and same set up... except i'm using a borrowed Taylor, its super pretty... Lyrically the song is about how when any one gets their butt kicked and they realize what crap were in you revert back to childhood and core values... its like when we get beat up it scratches away some of the armor we put up as we age and were more sensitive.

That's all for now... putting up a new version of Well Salted Liar tonight.. for those of you in a chill mood you might enjoy it a bit more... also later this week i'm gonna have another one called Little Bird.

Just Thrown together.

I've been recording about a song a day... its like a vitamin... except sometimes it can taste better... So heres the lowdown... lo-down... um.. heres some information on the songs posted so far...

1. I Won't Be the One It was written & recorded in Alexandria, Indiana. In a really big living room that used to be a garage. I used some boss 8 track recorder. I had a cheap condenser mic for the vox and all the instrumentation was a 72' Fender Jazz Bass.. absolutely gorgeous.... No preamp or anything... just straight into the recorder... The song is basically about dealing with the fear of the future, and not being 'the one" (there's that title piece.) who lives in regret and the past. Its really written more positive than it sounds... I ran out of time recording so there's a huge bass hiccup at the very peak of the crescendo. and some definite vocal flaws... 2. Gasoline Was recorded in the same place as the first, using the same bass and some cheap casio keyboard. One of those that has a headphone jack rather than an output. but tomato-tomato.. (no wonder I've never seen that written.) Its a lyrically a point and shoot song.. boy sees girl and is smitten and nothing is resolved... just like real life. 3. Big Black Stones Both versions were recorded in a bedroom outside of Wicker Park in Chicago via garage band, with a frankensteined 04' Silvertone Rockit.. (which is basically a SG shaped turd with cheap P-90's and a hand carved semi-hollow body) I went direct in to the comp, The lyrics were written in a now bike shop in Anderson, Indiana. Dealing with a couple issues but mainly forgiveness and the human element, where to draw the line with people and love in relationships, and the hurts we make and keep close to our cores and let rule us, but still wrestling with the ideas of free will and regardless where we've been we can still start fresh.

Be lookin for part two...

a Windy Beginning.

Just moved to Chicago and haven't really gotten to play a whole lot. I truly hope that noone reads this... as is the intent to most things i publish. I've decided to make this more of an online diary.... Dear Diary, Cindy is so cute. I think she looked at me the other day... but i'm not sure... I can't believe how much ham we can eat...