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To live is to fly..

Days, up and down they come like rain on a congadrum forget most, remember some but don't turn none away. Everything is not enough and nothin' is to much to bear. Where you been is good and gone all you keep is the getting there.

To live is to fly Low and high, so shake the dust off of your wings and the sleep out of your eyes.

...... Townes Van Zandt

The Appleseed "after show" Jam

Dan and I had a great evening at the Appleseed as always! And as usual, we played another small set after we tore down, This time, we had Mary Fagan and John Wardwell with us! if you haven't heard Mary sing yet, you should!!.. look her up! And those who know Mr. Wardwell know what he can do on a harmonica!! ..sometimes it's the songs that you just "wing it" on that come out the best! Wish we could have a set like that everytime!! Thanks Mary for making the trip up! and...glad you had your harps in the car Johnny! What a blast! And..Thanks Big Pete, RePete, and Kyle!! ! (our late night audience!)

a little drinkin ditty !

Well we jumped in the buggy and let out a yell The horse ran away an stove the buggy all ta hell! Now the horse is in the pasture, an the buggy's in the barn...... Another little drink wouldn't do us any harm!!

Sunday's at the farm!

We had a great afternoon...and evening.. of playing tunes out on the porch with some friends! Steve from Tyler Road came by with his trusty banjo!....Test drove some hard cider! It seemed to work just fine!!...Chickin on the smoker and beer on ice! and all was right with the world!!........


"...and I know that spring is on the way!" almost time for some outdoor playin!! Let the guitars breathe some fresh air!!

Deep thoughts!