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We made it into a magazine!


Thanks to Sareth Nay! And Misty and Joe Bennet!

The NITEMARE STORE ? Yup. And stuff STILL sucks!

Hi there. It's me, your quasi-do-gooder buddy and Nitemare Seive-ilian incarnate. I just want you to know that the CD is almost done....I keep finding NEW stuff I want you to hear. We JUST finished a PODcast last nite with Dale...kinda had a bit of Whiskey and it got kinda---goofy---i guess is the word. Oh well, the SIFTING of this nitemare MUST persist inspite of the setbacks and distractions. HOPE you hear the music and PASS the SONGS on if you can. I don't expect much to be made, I just would RATHER EVERYONE hear my ideas and WHO I SPEAK about and what THEY WROTE and SANG! Take care. Pass the word on! DON'T BE SCURD! It's only MUSIC! Ain't it?