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Hard Tech?

I am always experimenting with sound, so this should come as no surprise. As of late Mr. Noisy Killer has been wanting to make some noise that I am not sure what to call it... kinda sounds like "tech ambiance?" "electro drone?" "Matrix soundscapes?" I have no idea what to classify it. However you will soon hear the fruits of our labors soon enough, but in the meantime I will post more of the soundtrack for 'Hunting in Winter.'

Hunting in Winter

The soundtrack is done. Its being remastered and the video's is being planned. There will be disturbing images and graphic depictions. I can't wait! I have so many things to show you...


Sadly the Rave was cancelled due to Family emergencys with the venue's producer. Our hopes and wishes are with him as he returns to Florida.

Rave for your life

I will be hosting and playing at a Rave in downtown Atlanta. The only problem... I need other DJ's. This shouldn't be an issue as there are plenty of eager, talented Dj's here. However, how do I reach them? How should I approach them. On top of this I need a street team for the raves. There needs to be a campaigne really. I just don't have experience in recruiting like this. I've been cooped up in my studio and home for so long but now its time to come out and play...