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Future Tour

We will be setting up a NE to SE tour in September. What States/Cities would you like to see us in?! We are open for suggestions and we are not afraid of driving far!

The Walden Jazz Project
The Walden Jazz Project  (over 4 years ago)

Go everywhere you possibly can!

Returning to Johnson City TN!

Well it looks like we will be returning to Johnson City on our "Mini East Coast Tour"! The Acoustic Coffee house has been so nice to have us play at there venue next door for an evening.. WHOOP WHOOP! Who's coming?

East Cost Mini Tour Coming Up in May!

Well we have been asked to come play at the Arabian Nights Hookah Bar/Lounge in Wilmington NC on May 24th! Since we have been asked to do so, we decided to make a week tour out of it. Stay tuned as we will be dropping more dates as we get closer to May!

The Seventh Day - Valentine's Day

Despite the minor inconveniences crossing the band's path, it would seem the hands of Fate still gather Neato Fa Neato to her bosom, bestowing gifts of hospitality and social gratification upon the travelers while keeping the demons of poverty and dissent at bay. When you forget to take the little things for granted, life becomes a bit more optimistic. Peace out for now, Neatonauts!


We have been added to a Voting Roster to play at Outrage Festival in Texas!! WERE IN 2ND PLACE ALREADY!! Please vote at this Link Thanks!! www.facebook.com/outragefestival

summer wrap up

hey errone.. so summer is wrapping up and so is neato. We are going to the awesome state of Colorado next month and after that its studio time in october to work on our next studio release. If you got any suggestions for titles or artwork that you want to share with us please hit us up and we will check out everything. SOooooooooooooo, lately we have started working on a new style which is a reggae dub dance style that is pretty exciting for us and i think it really comes through in our shows. We invested in a roland juno for joe to play on and you can expect the introduction of a few more synth toys to show their face in the upcoming months so keep your eye peeled. WELL thats all I really have to say about that. Big thanks to everyone that has helped us lately in trying to get some better videos to the internet and keep those photos and videos coming. peace out daaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwgggggsss

on making long time happy ending.

this has been a very rocky road for the last few months. picture this...... You strap a brand new helmet on and pedal off a very steep rocky hill. sure its fun but its also hard as hell. that is what it has taken from us to make this album and we have had alot of fun, anger, and excitment over its release. but part of it is that We feel freed from those songs. A huge weight is lifted because now we can focus on what needs to be focused on, and that is the next batch of songs. so thank god that we are done and i hope everyone that listens to "long time happy ending" knows that we are eternally gratefull for the listen. (PEase) out.

we are actually two divisions

we are actually two functioning units within the whole. so people i would like to introduce the other half of Neato fa neato.......ta da......(drumrrrrooooolllllll)....the "ivory booms"... chocolate milk and deathly dos are bringing it hard. without their continued hard work and musicianship this project would never ever take off. so thanks guys.