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He is 4Eva Blessed!

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“End of Time” by 4Eva Blessed is the new single racing through the streets of Miami Florida and setting a record pace toward the anticipated release of his new album “The Awakening, Led by Christ”. “End of Time” is one of 16 tracks that I’m sure will introduce we the people, to the music of 4Eva Blessed and Jesus Christ the returning King.

4Eva Blessed ministers in Christian rap about the last days that are soon to come. Christ has given him the lyrics to be used as a vessel to teach and warn the masses about these last prophetic days. 4Eva Blessed is reaching both the young and older audiences in Miami. His heart is to awaken the world to dangers of secular rap when he stated, “Secular rap music which is very prominent in our society today and the negative influences it presents to teenagers and young adults, does nothing to promote love for one another and that instead, only promotes lies, hatred and violence”. 4Eva Blessed also stated that, “this is why his music is culturally relevant for today’s society”.

“End of Time” can be heard here on PreachPastor.com during our Armory show. “The Awakening, Led by Christ” is scheduled to be released December 15, 2011 and can be purchased at all digital outlets.

The Love Of Christ

True Love is Love that never ends, it has no conditions, and it shows action. God is Love so He demonstrated it on the cross once, and for All..