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"We will Adjust to Change"

To all our fans, we would like to make an announcement of vital importance. We need your support now more than ever. Our Front man and Lead vocalist Garrett Gale will be stepping down and leaving the band. Since November twenty eleven, Signs of Reason has come a long way in a short time. There have been plenty of obstacles to overcome and we have taken each in stride. This year a particularly difficult development has arisen. Garrett is a founding member of SoR and has given a significant amount of direction to the bands feel and sound. He has become the mouthpiece of SoR and his unique lyrical abilities have helped to grow the bands popularity. However living so far away from where the rest of his comrades operate has taken its toll. When Garrett came to DFW to rehearse for the show SoR had booked December twentieth at the Aardvark he explained his mind on the matter. After all of the members took consideration of Garrett’s plight a decision was reached. This would be a mutual split. Garrett’s original lyrics and structures will remain a part of Signs of Reason, and we will be booking a farewell show for both San Antonio and Dallas. We are currently searching for a new Front man and will be holding private auditions until the right individual comes along. Garrett is our dear friend and will be greatly missed. We wish him the best in his endeavors to come.

"Out with the old, in with the new"

Today we all loaded up every piece of gear we had in our old rehearsal studio and trucked it off to one much smaller, darker, hotter and cheaper. I guess I cant help feeling a little sentimental about leaving our space at Korkel's house. After all, that is where Signs of Reason was born. Now in our new band room we can barely move. The amps are wall to wall, leaving very little space to stand. Drum hardware sticks out randomly hear and there making it impossible to practice our wicked stage moves without claiming an elbow, rib or spine. The best part though, is standing close enough to ones band mates that you can feel the resonating heat from each others sweat soaked tee shirts. Of course the government is to blame for this recession and even bands are now having to resort to practicing in cardboard boxes abandoned by the homeless on the side of the road. Hopefully with the summer heat we will all meld into one giant mass of musical awesomeness, only time will tell. Thanks for reading...

"Wake Me Up"

On November 1, 2012 SOR began work on the latest creative project entitled "Wake Me Up". Once again the guy's chose AMH sound studios in San Antonio Texas. The sole proprietor Aaron, was again behind the console and excited to get to work on this new concept. Now that the members had written an ep together "One Bullet Away" this "Wake Me Up" ep would surely go smoothly and be more of a consistent sound from song to song. As the recording process unfolded the big picture became clear and everyone was feeling pretty good about it. Mike(Korkel) got drums tracked and finalized quickly and Chris Cole fallowed with rhythm guitar. Once the foundation had been set Brandon started on the Lead guitar parts. The finishing touches and bass were added from The SOR rehearsal studio in Dallas Ft Worth and sent via e-mail to Aaron at AMH sound. Brandon was responsible for the bass tracks on this ep as former bass player Trey had taken leave. Garrett has been continuing to do amazing things in each composition with the vocal lines and is scheduled to wrap his parts by the middle of November. All in all, thoughts about this new ep from the band members are. "It will definitely hit harder with our fans and listeners than our first ep "One Bullet Away". We have stayed close to what the fans have asked of us by remaining melodic and stepping up the heaviness a notch." The recent release of the title track "Wake Me Up" for free download has brought a lot of anticipation for the rest of the tracks. SOR hopes to be finished with the completed ep by late November, with a show to fallow featuring one of SOR's favorite DFW bands...

"The Album"

On the first of September Signs of Reason will be back at AMH recording studios finishing our first full length album. Needless to say we are all very excited to have the opportunity to be working on this album and can't wait to see it through. What makes this session particularly exciting is the fact that we are performing that evening after recording for the day. The show at Jack's should give us a shot of adrenaline and excitement, adding intensity to finish the recording process strong. The album should be out at the end of September. We would like to invite you to send us a message on facebook to let us know how excited you are about it's upcoming release. We would love to hear your thoughts, questions or any ideas you have on the subject. We are all looking forward to a great time with friends, family and fans in San Antonio.

"Whole once more"

Auditions for finding a new bass player began about four weeks ago. Six individuals bringing their own interpretation of how to best represent the style and feel of the music, threw down to compete for the chance to become a permanent member of Signs of Reason. When all was said and done, only one of the players was a clear choice. Chris Wilson aka(Trey) had been working in the DFW as a FOH engineer. He is no stranger to music, in fact he was classically trained in piano at an early age, before finding bass. He formed a band with best friends and began writing songs. After obtaining a career in his field of live music engineering he was edged out of his spot in the band because he could only make regular scheduled rehearsals, and his band mates had began incorporating a alternate bass player in his absence. As difficult as it was having to leave that band Trey had more than enough work to keep him busy. But as all working musicians know "once you have the bug for playing shows you always have the bug" He began scourging craigslist for opportunities to play. It seems fate had taken over as there were only two posts worth looking at and SoR was the clear WINNER! Trey then contacted Mike for an audition. He was the last player that we had join us and at the beginning it seemed his nerves were getting the best of him. However when the down beat of 'Only human" hit and the bass filled the room he looked right at home. His communication musically with the band members was exciting and once the rehearsal had concluded everyone got a chance to sit down together and talk. Trey's humor, personality and good nature was exactly what we had been hoping to find and after Brandon(guitar,PR) had briefly spoken to Mike(drums,Booking) and Chris Cole(guitar,Promotions) approached Trey that very evening, extending the invitation to become the newest family member of Signs of Reason. A quick text message chat to Garrett(vocals,Groupies;he has his own) sealed the deal saying "Welcome aboard" to new bass player Chris Wilson, Signs of Reason is whole once more. Come out and see us perform main support for Waking Alice July 21st at the Aardvark in Ft. Worth. Be there!

"Only a bass player"

We have been without a bass player for a month now since former band member Clint Potter announced that he was leaving SoR. After trying to generate buzz on ReverbNation and have our rank climb the local charts, disagreement arose between Clint and the other band members as how to effectively proceed marketing wise. Clint felt his ideas and efforts were not being given adequate gravity in the band collaboration and was ultimately compelled to take his talents elsewhere. We as a band have felt Clint's departure from the group in a less than favorable way. After all he was not "only a bass player" but also a good friend and we wish him the best in his endeavors to come. However the search for a new bassist continues, and we are increasingly optimistic that we will find the perfect fit. Despite the challenges of auditioning and rehearsing w/out a bass in the instrumentation we are still hatching up new Ideas and working on new songs. Anybody who has not already downloaded our Ep "One bullet away" can do so on www.cdbaby.com/cd/signsofreason

What's going on recently

Things are really starting to pick up since Signs of Reason first started. We recently added a new guitarist to the mix and he is giving it his all to get our songs down. Can't wait till he is ready to showcase his talents live!

We are heading out to San Antonio April 28th to do our first out of town show. Great time to get into some trouble. Garret will be hosting us at his house for an epic afterparty! If you know us then we want you out there with us. Heck even if you don't know us and your at the show, your welcome to party afterwords. Lastly, we are working hard to finish up the album and the creative juices have been flowing. Shouldn't be long before its done. In the meantime, keep spreading the word!