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Matthew Bistok's Greatest Hits Produce by Mike Alaska

Matthew Bistok's Greatest Hits Produced by Mike Alaska is an acoustic album recorded in the beginning of 2014 by engineer Mike Alaska. All songs written by Matthew Bistok, who played all the instruments and did the vocals.

these songs are the first 13 songs on this profile

I have just started production on 2 new albums,

I have just started production on the new fall on Purpose and the electric powered windmills next album, I plan to have both of them finished by the end of the summer, I've also started a project that will have me record every song ever written played solo acoustically, I hope to give my fans a personal inside view of my music stripped down to the nuts and bolts, a huh huh huh, I said nuts, anyways, my plan to upload as many songs that I've been involved with has pushed my numbers to the number 6 singer songwriter in saint petersburg, I'm hoping to be number 1 before the year is over, look for some new music videos to come out too, I'm hoping I will have some new things finished, that I've been working on, well, thanks for your support Mcb

Matthew Bistok Song list

I'm feeling pretty good and near satisfied, I'm on a mission to release every song I've ever written and recorded on, today I added, 5 albums of music, over 70 songs, I am now on the search for any other songs I have recorded but have not yet released, I had songs on a computer that crashed, so I'm trying to track down old cds of music of mine that other people have, if you have any music of mine that hasn't been released make sure and contact me, Anyways, my music career started when I was 15 in the original line up of the band (Attica) recorded ”regicide 1996” , I played with them till I was 20 and started the band (BrokenMan)”self titled album 1999”, that band later turned into the (Polka Cowboyz) and recorded”hot carl safari 2005 & 2008”, at 24 I started the band (Fall on Purpose) and recorded the album ”welcome to deerland 2005”, ”Fopadelic 2006” and ”Next 3 miles 2011” at 28 started the band (Electric Powered Windmills) recorded a live studio demo 2006 and is currently in the studio recording a full length album. the band (Krugerface) ”pilot 2010” Also look forward to another Fall on Purpose & Electric Powered Windmills album, plus a solo acoustic album before 2012 is over. I hope you enjoy the music, I made it for u. Thanks for listening, MB

pisces birthday reflections

my pisces birthday reflections I've had some time to use to re find myself, I was so lost in caught up in the cookie cutters corporate world, that my body was forming a shell on auto motion, but coming to the days of my birthday, I had a chance to reflect on my accomplishments, and completed goals, and I'm feeling very good about it all, last year the new Fall on purpose album was not complete, and I had already spent a lot of time writing it ,and recording a most of it, but I hadnt finished all the little things, I wanted to add, plus I was concerned that it would not be completed because the files where stuck at someone's studio, it took a long time to retrieve everything, actually just most of things, somethings were lost, that we rerecorded later, the Ziggy Marley show was pretty amazing as well, the band had a real chance to grow together, we the ( 21 piece Fop version ) are somewhat on a break right now, but the core members are still going around touring, a lot of the band members have all taken on side band projects, my other band the ”electric powered windmills” is preparing to record our first studio album, which may end up being a double album, the group has been around for about 8 years, but we only do selective shows, usually private parties in the woods, all night music jam sessions, I really enjoyed working with that group, it's a different type of emotion and sound, I think people will really dig the music, it's got a bit of a pixies, janes addiction, grateful dead, blue oyster cult vibe.

I also helped start a rock band at my daughter's elementary school, it's been a lot of fun teaching those kids how to play, and I'm hoping put together a program plan for other schools to use if they decide to adapt a rock band music programs

well I'm looking to have another successful year, keep your fingers crossed and add me in your prayers, you're already in mind, strive for peace and freedom 2012 sure is interesting so far


I was born in saint petersburg florida, I guess I've been a musician my whole life, I really wanted to be michael jackson when I was 8, I started singing in a church group in third grade, I played baritone horn in the fourth grade, trombone from fifth grade to eighth grade, and I got my first electric guitar when I was 12 on christmas, I started writing my own music from the beginning, I didn't have really any lessons other then a video tape that came with a guitar in my stocking, and the music store gave 2 free group lessons, but I learned 3 chords and the blues scale, I would try to play songs on the radio that I liked, but they never sounded like the songs (at first), but from that I started creating my own songs, I realized if I could find 2 or 3 chords I liked, I could make a rhythm, write some lyrics, sing my own melody,and make a song, I would stay in my room for days to weeks at a time doing nothing but making up songs, I would stay up really late ( and I still do) to have privacy while creating music,, When I was 15 and in High School, I was asked to join a band as a guitarist/ backing vocals to be named ”attica”. We were very popular in our high school and home town, we played shows all over the place, and recorded 2 albums, I was responsible for booking gigs, promotion, coordinating practice, treasurer, and responsible for whatever else needed to be taken care of, I was with that band until I was 20 and learned a lot of to do's and what not to do, I became involved with a new band called ”broken man” where I did vocals only and I didn't play guitar, that band later became the polka cowboyz, through all of those years, I had been working on songs that would become the material for ”fall on purpose” and ”the electric powered windmills” playing lead guitar and singing lead vocals Fall on Purpose officially became a band in May/July ish 2001, we recorded ”welcome to deerland in 2005, and fopadelic in 2006 right after performing with George Clinton ( 1 of my biggest influences).. Fop took a short break from performing shows from 2006 until 2009, matt became a father, and utilized his time to act in commercials, movies and tv, while making our popular youtube videos, in 2009 the band reformed and started working on new material, ”oil in the water” was written may 2010 while rehearsing to open 4 rusted root, and was the first song we started on for the new album ” the next 3 miles” that was released december 2011, fall on purpose” and ”the electric powered windmills are currently working on releasing a new album before 2012 is over, thank you so much to my family, friends, and fans for their support, please spread the word and feel free to purchase our music on itunes or amazon, thx